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Student Achievement

Practice Readiness:

This link to the CCE Policy 56 presents the completion rates of Life West students for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) licensing examinations and the DC program. Page one provides the numbers and percentages of Life West graduates who completed all four parts of the NBCE licensure examinations within 6 months of graduation for the two most recent calendar years. Page two provides the rates of completing the DC program within 150% of the standard duration for the two most recent years.

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Completion Rate:

This link to the Completions rate provides the number (and percentage) of students who complete the DC program at Life West within 150% of the normal length (14 quarters) of the program. Students who transferred into the program are not included in this statistical measure of student achievement. It must be noted that the number of quarters a student takes to complete the program does include all quarters that a student was not enrolled in the program, which may have been for personal or academic reasons.

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Time to Complete:

This link to the Time-to-Complete chart opens a bar graph of the number of completers of the DC program at Life West relative to the number of quarters they required to complete. The total number of quarters includes all quarters that they were not enrolled in the program, which includes quarters withdrawn for personal and/or academic reasons. Transfer students who did complete their DC degrees at Life West are not included in this bar graph.

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