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Student interns receive honors during Life West’s Friday seminar

Friday’s seminar at Life Chiropractic College West, the final one of the Summer 2019 quarter, honored student interns for achievements within Life West’s health center. Additionally, faculty members also welcomed new interns and wished soon-to-be graduates well in their future endeavors.

Intern of the Quarter Eva Quach, right, with Susan Hilliker, DC.

Mentor doctors were on hand to salute student interns within their pods for surpassing 300 clinic visits. Nineteen honorees were recognized with multiple levels of awards, including bronze (300 visits), silver (350 visits), gold (400 visits), emerald (450 visits) and platinum (500 visits), the last of which was achieved by Qisheng Li and Yuxin Wang.

Life West faculty member Susan Hilliker, DC, also recognized two other student interns with Intern of the Quarter and Clinical Excellence awards. Eva Quach, who also earned emerald honors, was named Intern of the Quarter, while silver honors recipient Morgan Kumpula received the Clinical Excellence award.

After honors were announced, Paula Murillo, DC, took the stage to offer words of wisdom to Life West’s newest crop of student interns. She urged the interns to stay positive while also acknowledging the challenges that await them.

Paula Murillo, DC

“This is a journey with no ending,” she said in her remarks. “You will constantly be learning and growing, and that’s one of the things that makes being a chiropractor so exciting and rewarding.”

Following Dr. Murillo’s address, the interns were individually announced and walked across the Standard Process Assembly Hall stage. In keeping with tradition, the interns, who will begin clinic duty in October, also received key chains from Kathleen Kinney, DC.

Meanwhile, those who have completed their studies and clinic duty were addressed by mentor and adviser Koen Kallop, DC. He praised his audience for their hard work and urged those in attendance to keep honing the art of chiropractic while staying in touch with those on-campus.

Koen Kallop, DC

“While it’s our job, it’s also our honor and privilege to assist you in your journeys to becoming doctors of chiropractic,” he said. “I want you to acknowledge yourselves for your accomplishments. You should be proud of yourselves. Your families are proud of you, and we’re very proud of you, too.”

A full list of student honorees is below.


  • Qisheng Li
  • Yuxin Wang


  • Eva Quach


  • William Raines
  • Benjamin Tan


  • Morgan Kumpula
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Kristopher Nguyen
  • Brittany Rojo


  • Jonathan Clayton
  • Alexander Halstead
  • Jacquelyn Lewison
  • Ernest Luong
  • Matthew O’Brien
  • Katarina Payne
  • Luke Roller
  • Holly Schonberger
  • Martin Soares
  • Clayton Welch
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