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Students mingle with potential employers at Life West job fair

A new group of Life West graduates will enter the workforce following December’s commencement ceremony. As part of the school’s focus on making sure those students are prepared for life after graduation, Life West held its latest job fair Thursday.

“The goal for the event was two-fold,” said Life West Director of Alumni Relations Palmer Peet, DC. “We want to help students find jobs, and we also want to provide a service to our alumni and friends because there’s a huge demand for associates.”

Life West’s Career Services department holds job fairs twice a year that attract students and prospective employers alike. Thursday’s event drew 75 people, with a nearly equal split of Life West seniors and chiropractic professionals in the school’s gymnasium.

Dr. Peet says chiropractic businesses are drawn to Life West graduates because of the school’s dedication to producing practice-ready professionals.

“I met a doctor from Bakersfield who was looking for a Life West student,” he said. “The students came up and asked, ‘What type of adjusting do you do? What techniques do you use in your office?’ He’d been at other schools, and he doesn’t get that from students at those schools. He was impressed that our students are really hungry to start taking care of people.”

In addition to holding job fairs for soon-to-be graduates, Career Services also helps students write and edit resumes, and provides tools that prepare potential chiropractors for the daily responsibilities of managing a business. The department also maintains a job board that advertises opportunities for DCs and CAs around the country.

“We sometimes get four or five new postings every day,” Dr. Peet said. “There are a lot of offices looking for chiropractors, and they say that some of the top candidates they get are Life West graduates.”

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