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The Wave 2014

And then there was The WAVE.

Nearly 100 excited prospective students visited campus on Thursday with the Champions Weekend program and then joined the crowd of nearly 1500 at the WAVE on Friday and Saturday.

With 30 stunning speakers and two memorable parties, the WAVE delivered so much more than just another chiropractic conference.

The weekend was described as “one of the most incredible seminars I have ever attended”.

No matter who spoke, the common theme was vitalistic leadership. The speakers ranged from chiropractic greats like Joe Dispenza, Patrick Gentempo and Gerry Clum, to other experts like Bruce Lipton and Alan Schwarz, to completely outside-the-box presentations from Katie Hansen, Erin Brockovich and Ben Zander.

Chiropractic has Talent blew us all away with stunning performance from nine chiropractic colleges. The contestants brought a very deep talent pool to the stage and the competition was fierce. After memorable performances and a few tears shed, we came up with three outstanding winners, including our very own Luxe Innate in third place.

Linda Serrano, the artist who created the D.D. Palmer statue artist, came to the Wave and she sent us the following note:

  • “I came to the WAVE thinking I was going to learn a little about the science of chiropractic to help me with B.J. That did happen, but the more significant and surprising thing was how much I learned about chiropractors. I was blown away by how kind, compassionate, loving and dedicated everyone I met was. In the end, what I learned about the people will be far more valuable to me than what I thought I was going to learn about the science. It just goes to show that we should always listen with an open mind. We never know what we don’t know, and we may not even know enough to know what questions to ask. You put on an absolutely amazing conference with inspiring speakers. It is a pivotal weekend of my life.”

Ultimately, we all loved taking the time to spend quality time together as a community. We shared information, connections, laughter and hugs.

When we all come together and synchronize our energy, we create exponential growth in our capacity for greatness.

We want to give a special thanks to everyone who made the WAVE an outstanding success. To put on an event of this magnitude takes a huge team of people, and we could not have succeeded without everyone’s help.

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[one_third padding=”0 1px 0 1px”]BK at The Wave 2014[/one_third]

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