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The WAVE 2016

Life Chiropractic College West was proud to present the sixth annual WAVE Conference from August 5th to August 6th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Burlingame. The college welcomed over 1,600 attendees from all over the world, who came to see world renowned speakers and to enjoy the lively evening festivities. The two-day event boasted 34 speaking sessions and record attendance.

The WAVE kicked off on Thursday evening with a President’s Reception on the Life West campus. President, Dr. Brian Kelly announced that the college has received a $600,000 endowed faculty chair, courtesy of The Sajejo Group.

“The announcement of a $600,000 endowed faculty chair was an exciting way to start off the WAVE weekend,” said Dr. Kelly. “After a start like that, we knew that this WAVE would be a memorable event.”

The sessions began Friday morning and attendees filled the rooms for their favorite speakers. You could hear the cheers, the laughs and the excitement from the hallways.

On Friday night, Chiropractic Has Talent hosted students from chiropractic colleges around the globe to perform in front of the crowd. This year’s winner was Life West’s very own, Kristan Cassady and Monica Lee, who performed a flawless rendition of the theme song from Schindler’s List on violin and piano.
Immediately following the amazing musical performances, the Starlight Masquerade began. The lively crowd enjoyed drinks and appetizers and guests took to the dance floor to enjoy the music from the amazing live band.

The speakers continued on Saturday, giving attendees more opportunities to hear valuable content and experience powerful new ideas from inside and outside the profession. Dr. Kelly’s vision for the WAVE is to create a conference where we can explore and celebrate the intersection of chiropractic thinking and the work of parallel professionals. When we share perspectives with other thought leaders through the lens of our vitalistic philosophy – we build a new field of possibility.

Sponsors, attendees and students expressed their passion and gratitude for what they had experienced. One attendee noted, “We flew 10,000 miles from Singapore to come to the best chiropractic conference there is!”

It’s no secret that The WAVE is valued by people worldwide. We loved connecting with our tribe and finding ways to support each other. We can’t wait to see how much The WAVE will grow again next year.

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