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Celebrate Diversity Month in April

Celebrate Diversity Month in April

Did you know April is diversity month? Established in 2004, it’s designated as a time to help diverse people gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. Throughout this month, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the diversity that surrounds you.

Our planet is filled with a rainbow of races, spectrum, religions and orientations — all equal in every way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand them all or even know they exist, but it does matter that you accept them all and do not judge any of them as less than worthy. We are all in this together, and our ignorance of other’s beliefs is no excuse for intolerance in any form.

As we enter April, I’d like everyone to take some time to Celebrate Diversity Month. Take the time to INVOLVE yourself and others in learning about cultures, language, and peoples that are not part of your daily life. Involve your children, family, friends and neighbors; so that we may all gain a better understanding of our global family. Talk about, show examples of and become involved in celebrating diversity today and every day. There are endless possibilities of how you can do this, but here are a few examples if you need a bit of inspiration:

  1. Invite friends and family over for a potluck meal where participants bring in dishes that represent their ethnicity or their favorite ethnic foods.
  2. Create a craft with your children that represents different cultures.
  3. Plan an event that brings together different ethnic groups to celebrate.
  4. Embark on learning a new language.
  5. Explore different cultures through art forms, poetry, music, crafts, traditional costumes, language, etc. Have an art show featuring local, diverse artists, or a poetry reading, or a concert.
  6. Rent movies that deal with diverse topics and people’s experiences.

Other events and ways to celebrate:

(Source:  Dignity & Respect Campaign)

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