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COVID-19 Update: May 7, 2020

Life Chiropractic College West - Northern California

Shelter in Place Update: Governor Gavin Newsom today released guidance that spells out the state’s expectations for non-essential businesses to begin to reopen in a limited capacity. If a county order differs from a state order, the more restrictive order takes precedence. Alameda County has advised today that there will be no change to the Shelter in Place order issued on May 4 and all restrictions will remain in place through the end of May. At this time, there is no indication when the County Shelter in Place will be lifted and on what schedule colleges, business and activities will be able to resume in modified or normal fashion. You can read the full County press release here: http://www.acphd.org/2019-ncov/press-releases.aspx

College Remains Online Through End of Spring Quarter: Based on the lack of information around social distancing, and with students and faculty out of the area, the Taskforce has made the decision to continue to maintain the online and at-home format for the duration of the spring quarter.

On Campus Classes Summer Quarter: The college is planning to resume on ground classes in some form or another at the campus this summer quarter. This means that all students will need to be in the Bay Area to commence the first day of classes on Monday, July 13.

Please start to make your arrangements for travel now so you are prepared to be in the Bay Area for the start of the quarter. We will inform you at a later stage of all protocols, precautions and other measures that will be taken to make the campus a safe and comfortable environment, taking into account all the requirements from the government. If there are any changes to the above information, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Campus Access Pre-Screening Required: The campus continues to remain open only to essential operations. Anyone wishing to access the campus must follow our pre-screening protocols. This means pre-screening yourself BEFORE you arrive at campus through the online pre-screening questionnaire that was made available on April 6. For additional information, please partner with your manager or contact Human Resources at HR@lifewest.edu or via phone at (310) 320-0761.

As always, stay safe and up to date by checking the campus Voice online at lifewest.edu/campus-voice and checking your email daily for updates. If you have any questions or feedback you would like to share, please email us at Taskforce@lifewest.edu.

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