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Life West Fitness Center & Cardio Spaces are now OPEN

Now that Alameda has gone into the Orange Tier, Life West Athletics Dept. have reopened the Fitness Center & Cardio Space.

There are strict COVID regulations that must be followed and each workout and each 60 minute session must be booked online using the Sign Up Genius link detailed below.

Fitness Center Spaces Reopening (Orange Tier)

Life West Athletics has reopened the Fitness Center and Cardio Space, following a recent move by Alameda County to Orange Tier. A number of COVID safety measures are in, place for your safety, these include:

  1. Capacity not to exceed 25%  in each “Fitness Space” at any one time
  2. The “Fitness Spaces” referred to are 1) the Fitness Center (weights room) and 2) the Gym (cardio area)
  3. Users must book use of the fitness space separately – no crossover use from one space to the other during your workout slot
  4. Each workout slot will be 60 minutes
  5. Every slot must be booked online and can be found at: Individual Workout Online Booking for Fitness Center (Weights Room) & Gym (Cardio)
  6. Workout slots for each Fitness Space are booked seperately – you will not be allowed to enter a space that you have not booked an appointment for
  7. Fitness Center Staff will be on duty to monitor user safety and wellbeing
  8. Fitness Center Staff will act as an authority of the Athletics Dept., please respect their judgement
  9. Fitness Center Staff for the spring quarter are: Alex Castellanos, Alex Wing-LaClaire, Charity Rushton and Sara Parsons
  10. Workouts must be completed within 60 minute timeframe (no exceptions)
  11. Be courteous of others, including finishing on time to allow other users a chance to workout
  12. Fitness Space capacity must not be exceeded at any point in time
  13. No groups (more than one person) to congregate in any space
  14. The basketball/volleyball court is not open for use and is still being used as technique lab space
  15. No basketball/volleyball or similar to be played in the gym at any time
  16. Fitness Center doors can remain open during open hours only
  17. Fitness Center doors closed during the 30 minute period while cleaning occurs – no one is to enter the space during cleaning
  18. Ensure physical distancing practices are adhered to
  19. Users cannot “train together” in pairs or groups
  20. All users have 15 minutes to physically sign in for their workout or potentially forfeit their slot
  21. Students must sign up on Individual Workout Online Booking for Fitness Center (Weights Room) & Gym (Cardio) separately to use each Fitness Space – either the Fitness Center (weights room) or the Gymnasium. Selecting one does not warrant use of the other space at the same time
  22. Users are not to remove cautionary tape from equipment that has been blocked for use
  23. Saunas are not open for use (COVID safety regulation) – Fitness Center Staff will be checking regularly, anyone caught using this facility will be sanctioned
  24. Locker Rooms are not open for use (COVID safety regulation) – Fitness Center Staff will be checking regularly, anyone caught using this facility will be sanctioned
  25. Ventilation protocols to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in each space
  26. User wellness monitoring will be conducted
  27. Please ensure all common areas remain safe spaces for all
  28. Users must clean and wipe all surfaces with disinfectant spray after use
  29. Equipment from Fitness Center and Gymnasium must not be moved from that location and used in another location
  30. Equipment is not to be taken outside
  31. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum due to Technique Lab classes in the gymnasium
  32. Any user who contravenes any rules will be sanctioned. Sanctions include 1) removal from a Fitness Space, 2) loss of privilege to use the Fitness Space (or Athletics Dept. facilities in general), or 3) student disciplinary action if deemed necessary.

Please note, the gymnasium has been rezoned as a Technique Lab, which means that group activity (Basketball, Volleyball etc) is not permitted unless applied for directly to the Athletics Director. All group activities will be “closed sessions” for club sport only, meaning that only club sport registered members will be allowed entry and permission to play. All group activities in the gymnasium will be scheduled outside of Technique Lab classes only. Anyone caught using the basketball court area without permission may face sanctioning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Adriaan Ferris | Athletics Director | Email: aferris@lifewest.edu


Adriaan Ferris

Athletics Director

Life Chiropractic College West

P:   510-780-4500

A:   25001 Industrial Blvd, Hayward CA 94545

W:   lifewest.edu   E:   aferris@lifewest.edu

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