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Task Force Communication: February 14th, 2022

Mask Mandate Update

Alameda County Public Health Department has announced it will be following the guidelines recently issued by California Public Health Department on ending the indoor mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. See this link for the ACPHD announcement. These guidelines also provide options for organizations to chart their own course of action on whether or not to continue to require all people to wear a mask when on their premises.

The Task Force has agreed to continue the mask mandate for the next several weeks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, staff, and visitors inside the campus, as well as for all users of the Health Center. This will give us time to collect feedback from all of you on how we should proceed after that. Our priority is the social health of the college – this includes our physical, mental, and community health.

We will be sending out a survey to you all in the next week so look out for that. It will not be long and will have several key questions, so that your input can be part of the road forward. We need a high level of participation from you all to make it clear where we need to go together as a community.

In the meantime please continue to wear your mask over your nose and mouth while inside the campus building. And if you have any symptoms at all, do not come on campus. Stay home, isolate, get tested, and if positive follow the established protocols.

Further Enquiries

These protocols and guidelines continue to apply the same to everyone, whether student, faculty, employee or visitor, and will be strictly enforced. For any enquiries, please refer to the following:

Life West Advice on Staying Healthy

As always, we encourage everyone to keep your nervous system functioning to the best of its ability by seeing your chiropractor or intern, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, eat healthy and nutritious foods, stay hydrated, keep a positive mental attitude, stay mindful, and support and respect each other. We will get through this together.

Life West Task Force Team

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