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Task Force Communication: September 24th, 2021


Update for Fall Quarter 2021

In preparation for the return to campus on October 4th, it is important that all students, faculty and staff understand the need to maintain our preparedness and high levels of compliance. Following these guidelines will enable the college to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

The benchmark for us to be able to do this is 30 days with no new cases of Covid-19 reported on campus. Currently, within the last 30 day period we have had 16 students and 4 staff members on campus who were tested positive.

The most basic rule we all need to follow is that if you have any symptoms at all, do not come on campus. Stay home, isolate, get tested, and if positive follow the established guidelines as noted below.

Any student who must stay home due to their symptomatology, exposure to a Covid positive case, or notification of exposure to a previously unknown Covid positive case, will be given the appropriate accommodation to enable them to complete their course, test, lab, etc. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs to arrange this.

When on campus, everyone, with no exceptions, must wear a mask over their mouth and nose at all times. Be responsible, be aware, and be supportive of all the community around you. See below for further information on appropriate masks.

The sooner we all return to campus and enjoy what makes Life West famous – the Life West Bubble – the better. But we cannot do this without each and every one of you pulling in the same direction.

The following guidelines from Task Force Communication 8-12-21 will still apply in the Fall quarter.

  • All clubs that are not “hands on” are encouraged to have their activities online. If the club meeting is on campus please observe all the required protocols. ACPHD does not recommend groups larger than 10 people meeting on campus.
  • Student activities may occur outdoors, but larger events will need to be rescheduled to a later time or managed virtually.
  • Fitness Center open hours will remain the same as Summer quarter and will be managed through the online booking system that is available here. Supervisors will be on hand to ensure that all users stay in compliance with county requirements. All users must clean/sanitize all equipment prior to and after use. The entire facility is sanitized every morning prior to opening.
  • The gym is currently being utilized by the Health Center but should reopen in October. It may then be used for small groups wearing masks, and again all equipment must be cleaned/sanitized prior to and after use.
  • Seating in the cafe dining area has been distanced to ensure all diners are six foot apart and no more than two per table. The two exterior cafe doors are now being kept open at all times to ensure high volume fresh air flow through the dining space. The dining area is fully sanitized daily and users should clean/sanitize their table prior to and after use.
  • All classrooms and common areas are being sanitized daily using an electrostatic sanitizing system which is Covid rated.
  • Self sanitation stations for all spaces have been refreshed and are regularly serviced to ensure supplies are plentiful. All employees and students are encouraged to self-sanitize their desks, chairs and equipment before use.
  • For everyone’s information, college classroom and common area ventilation consists of 56 package HVAC units with two filters, rated at MERV-9 which trap viruses carried in airborne respiratory droplets. MERV-9 is the highest level of filter than our systems will allow. The filters are all changed quarterly. Our front building system servicing the Health Center and Executive Offices has a bank of 30 MERV-9 filters, also changed out quarterly.

Masks: Per ACPHD orders, everyone who enters the campus building must wear a mask fully over their mouth and nose. This is not optional unless you are eligible for an exemption per the Alameda County order. Surgical and N95 masks are free and available at the Bookstore, Student Life and HR Office on request to all students and employees.

Enforcement: College administration are now spot checking classrooms, labs and offices to ensure masks are worn at all times by faculty, staff and students. Failure to comply with the Alameda County order and LCCW Covid Prevention Plan will result in corrective action:

  • First failure to comply will result in a verbal warning and you will be expected to comply immediately
  • Second failure to comply will result in removal from campus for the remainder of the day
  • Third failure to comply will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension/termination

Guidelines Following a Known Exposure to Covid

It is important to restate the guidelines following a known exposure to Covid. These apply both to those who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated.

Exposure/Close Contact is defined as being in the presence of someone who is Covid positive for 15+ minutes under six foot distance.

When to Self-Isolate or Quarantine per ACPHD

  • Unvaccinated: If you are unvaccinated and you have been notified by Life West as having had close contact (as defined above) with someone that tested positive for Covid, you must self-isolate and quarantine for 10 days from date of exposure, even if you have no symptoms. If you have symptoms, or develop symptoms later, you must self-isolate and quarantine until you no longer have a fever, and symptoms lessen, plus 10 more days beyond that.
  • Vaccinated: If you are vaccinated and you have been notified by Life West as having had close contact (as defined above) with someone that tested positive for Covid, you do not have to quarantine if you do not have symptoms. If you do have symptoms, you must self-isolate and quarantine until symptoms lessen and you have no fever, plus 10 more days beyond that.

If You Receive a Covid Positive Result

Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you must self-isolate and quarantine, if asymptomatic for 10 days; if you are symptomatic you must self-isolate and quarantine until symptoms lessen and have no fever plus 10 further days. As always, students must report positive test results to Professor Straub; employees must report positive test results to Tarsha Addison.

Further Enquiries

These protocols and guidelines apply the same to everyone, whether student, faculty, or employee, and will be strictly enforced. For any enquiries, please refer to the following:

Life West Advice on Staying Healthy

As always, we encourage everyone to keep your nervous system functioning to the best of its ability by seeing your chiropractor or intern, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, eat healthy and nutritious foods, stay hydrated, keep a positive mental attitude, stay mindful, and support and respect each other. We will get through this together.

Life West Task Force Team

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