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Taskforce Communication: July 21, 2021

Dear Students

Since the reopening of California and Alameda County in June, new rules have been put in place by Cal/OSHA that require all employers to take precautions to prevent potential outbreaks of Covid-19 in the workplace. The college is required by Cal/OSHA to have all employees and students fill out a confidential attestation form and to have all unvaccinated members of the community wear a mask when indoors and not in a space that is isolated from others.

This form requests you to choose one of three options: 1) Vaccinated 2) Unvaccinated 3) Prefer Not to Declare. If either of the last two options are chosen, based on the Cal/OSHA requirements we will request that you wear a mask indoors other than when you are individually isolated from others.

All students must complete this form by the end of the day on Wednesday, July 28th. Student Life will be following up with anyone who is unable to complete the form by that time.

The form can be found here. All information provided will be maintained in compliance with all applicable laws.

Life West’s primary focus is to deliver a chiropractic program that is superior in quality while caring for everyone who walks our hallways. To do so, the college must ensure that we remain compliant at all times with all aspects of our higher education operation. This includes compliance with Alameda County and their mandate, and now also includes the new Cal/OSHA Covid Prevention Plan regulations. Please bear with us as we move forward through this period of adjustment and adaptation.

Please direct any questions to Professor Dave Straub, Chair of Basic Sciences, at dstraub@lifewest.edu.

Life West Taskforce Team

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