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Alameda County yesterday issued a statement advising that the county is moving to Orange status starting March 31st. The statement can be seen here.

For the college this means we can now operate our teaching and other spaces at 50% capacity or a maximum of 200 people, whichever is less. All rooms are having the room capacity signs updated accordingly. Students and faculty should continue to be on the lookout for updates from the OAA. All clubs can continue on-campus activity, now at the posted 50% capacity of the room or space they are in and with the guidance of the Office of Student Life. Sports can continue training under the Orange protocols with the guidance and approval of the Athletics Director. The cafe will resume indoor dining at 50% capacity. Study spaces are already in place, including in the Learning Commons, and will continue at 50% of the space capacity or a maximum of 200 people.

As we are now in Orange status, and as we continue to re-integrate, we still must make safety one of our highest priorities.  This means wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, washing hands frequently and socially distancing, along with eating well, getting regular exercise and of course keeping your nervous system functioning at its optimal potential. It is also important that all employees pre-screen, prior to leaving home.  If you have not already completed our health screening protocol, you must complete the Health Screening Questionnaire and confirm you are clear, before returning to campus. The screening form can be found here

As mentioned in previous communications, if you have been in contact with anyone who is COVID-19 symptomatic, please stay home, get tested, isolate yourself and follow the usual protocol. If you are symptomatic, please do not come to campus and stay home. If you have any questions or need to speak with someone on campus, students are to contact Professor David Straub at dstraub@lifewest.edu; staff/faculty, please contact Tarsha Addison at taddison@lifewest.edu. If you do test Covid-19 positive, please let us know immediately and isolate yourself to protect others from infection.Isolation instructions can be viewed here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at taskforce@lifewest.edu 

Life West Taskforce Response Team


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