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WAVE 20: Dr. Mindy Pelz on supporting the wellness of patients

Dr. Mindy Pelz speaks at Wave 20

SPEAKER: Mindy Pelz, DC
TRACK: Philosophy

Dr. Mindy Pelz, who practices in nearby San Jose and is one of Life Chiropractic College West’s most active local supporters, will speak about healing today’s modern body at the WAVE 20, Life West’s annual chiropractic conference.

About Dr. Pelz: Dedicated to giving professionals cutting edge, science-based, proven tools to reset their health, for the past 20 years, Dr. Pelz has been in the health trenches with busy Silicon Valley executives. Her specialty is customizing unique health plans that work to provide limitless energy, incredible mental clarity, a release of weight, and a restoration of vibrancy in the body.

WAVE 20: In keeping with her mission and practice, Dr. Pelz will speak on how chiropractors can best provide care for patients during stressful times.

“As DD Palmer taught us years ago, disease forms from toxins, thoughts and traumas,” she said. “What are we doing to support our patients in this new modern world?”

Looking ahead to August: “I love connecting with fellow, like-minded people. We are all in the trenches with patients, helping them stay healthy in today’s world, and frankly, it can get exhausting sometimes. When we re-connect as community, pour into each other and unite together, we come out of a weekend like the WAVE recharged, fired up and better capable of serving our communities.”

Register now! Hear from Dr. Pelz and about 20 other leaders in the field of chiropractic at the WAVE 20, Aug. 21-23, 2020, in San Francisco’s Bay Area. This year, Life West is bringing the WAVE home to its Hayward, California campus! Learn more about what’s happening at the WAVE, how many CE credits participants can earn and more at wave.lifewest.edu.

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