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WAVE speaker, Life West alum Nanda spreads chiropractic message to India

Life Chiropractic College West’s goal is to deliver a world-class education based on the history, philosophy and principles of chiropractic. However, our vision to “create a brighter future for humanity” goes beyond the campus grounds. We instill a core set of values into our student body based on a campus-wide “Lasting Purpose” that fosters generosity, diversity and accountability, inspiring students to become active in their communities—and in the world—promoting chiropractic philosophy while utilizing the knowledge and skills gained to improve health globally.

Jimmy Nanda, DC

As such, we couldn’t be prouder of our alumni that remove their graduation caps and seek to broaden both their horizons and the profession to unserved and underserved communities in both the U.S. and across the planet. A son of Punjabi immigrants who moved to Canada in the early-1970s, Jimmy Nanda, DC, not only a 2003 Life West graduate but the college’s Board Chairman as well, has dedicated his career to establishing and successfully extending chiropractic to disadvantaged populations, particularly in his ancestral country of India. At The WAVE 2019, Nanda will be taking the stage to share his story and the principles that are both the bedrock of our college and his work: To give, do, love and serve from a place of abundance.

During his final college years, Nanda made frequent trips to India with his family. He was distressed to learn that, in a country that boasts a population of 1.2 billion people, not only were there were no practicing chiropractors, but the majority of India’s inhabitants had never even heard of chiropractic. He quickly sought guidance in the processes of establishing chiropractic in a foreign country. This research led to the formation of the Indian Association of Chiropractic Doctors (IACD), officially launched in 2006. Chartered under the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), the IACD aims to develop chiropractic in the country and ensure those who wish to practice there have already undergone or receive the proper education and training.

Through IACD sponsorship of charitable dispensaries at many events in India, as well as continuing missions carried out by a number of DCs, chiropractic care is increasingly being provided to the masses in need. In fact, at Nanda’s behest, teams of Life West interns, hosted by Nanda and other faculty and chiropractors, began annual service trips to the country—one to New Delhi each November and to Mumbai each January. In conjunction with the IACD and other doctors from around the world, these groups provide chiropractic care to approximately 10,000 patients during each bi-annual three-day event. Further, January 2019 service trip attendees witnessed a ribbon-cutting ceremony, officially opening the new Life West Health Center in New Delhi, furthering Life West’s and Nanda’s commitment to creating a healthier India.

Both the founding member and the first President of the IACD, Nanda has also served on the Life West board since 2014. He has served as the Chair of the Governance Committee since 2015, and was unanimously elected by the Board of Regents as its new Chairman in November 2016, making him the first Chiropractic College/University Board Chair of Indian (Punjabi) origin. In 2017, Dr. Nanda was also elected as IACD’s first Director. A native and resident of Canada, Nanda is focused on promoting diversity throughout IACD and the chiropractic profession, delivering speeches and seminars to further the future of healthcare, both nationally and internationally.

His speech, entitled, “Chiropractic in India: Challenges, Opportunities & Lessons for U.S. Chiropractors,” will center around chiropractic growth in India and the goal to dramatically increase health outcomes in low-income, underserved populations. Through the utilization of chiropractic for medically fragile cases/populations and an understanding of the potential for chiropractors as part of primary care teams, Nanda is helping to create a brighter future for humanity, both abroad and in our own practices and communities here at home.

Register now for The WAVE, which is scheduled for August 16-18 in Oakland.

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