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What is NEW in the Health Center?

There has been great buzz with all of the new and exciting things going on in the Life West Health Center. Some have noticed that many patients and the community know very little about what we do here. In response, the Health Center has developed and implemented some great projects to get out into the community and spread the word of what we do as chiropractors.

The first project is taking place at the Southland Mall where we regularly have an information and screening booth. Life West interns have been at the mall talking to potential patients and offering them an opportunity to get their spine checked. People come away with a much better idea of what chiropractic is and an opportunity to come to the health center for a complete chiropractic examination.

The Heath Center is also offering options for existing patients to bring friends or family members to a Healthy Lifestyle Class. This class gives the participants information about chiropractic and what they can expect when they come in to the Health Center. These classes are a great opportunity for the interns to hone their skills as communicators. The class is supervised by Dr. Ty Isquirdo and draws 20 – 30 people from the community every other week. The student interns are dedicated to making a difference in patients’ lives and it truly shows with the passion they bring to their presentations.

One of the most important components of chiropractic heath care is the adjustment. We want to make sure that all of the interns have an opportunity to learn from some of the best adjusters in chiropractic. Therefore we have added technique workshops once a month. Dr. Des Champs has been teaching full spine adjusting this month and next month will be focusing on the thoracic spine.

The Life West Health center has been sponsoring and hosting Chamber of Commerce events. There is an upcoming event with the San Leandro Chamber on March 17th and we had a great response from the Hayward Chamber event on campus on Feb 11. These events are great ways for the interns to talk to local business owners about health and safety in the workplace.

The Heath Center has developed a series of corporate talks that interns can use (including power point presentations) to talk about proper lifting techniques, good posture, work safety tips and other workplace safely topics. Dr. Kallop has been coordinating the training and developing a list of interns that are ready to go out and educate the corporate world.

Dr. Douglas Bell has created a team of interns to go to running events, exercising events, and to speak to athletes about peak performance and how chiropractic can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. He holds regular trainings with the interns to learn how to systematically participate in an athletic screening event.

The Executive Vice President of the Life West Health Center, Dr. Timothy Gay, has found that these projects have been instrumental in creating more awareness, bringing in more patients, and creating more confidence for the interns through better communication and patient education.

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