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Workouts at Life West get an upgrade with new fitness equipment

As part of a joint effort between students and staff at Life Chiropractic College West, the on-campus fitness center has received a major face-lift. New exercise machines have been ordered, including treadmills and rowing machines, with the goal of providing increased reliability for student use. Additionally, new barbells have been put into place for weight-lifting activities.

“The fitness center is one of the highest-used facilities on campus,” Life West Athletics Director Adriaan Ferris said. “We want the fitness center to be an environment that’s comfortable, inviting, and one people want to be part of. The equipment we’ve chosen is far more robust than what we had previously. It’s certainly more reliable for widespread use.”

Ferris was eager to credit Life West Student Council President Max Kelly and Student Council Athletics Coordinator Heinrich Henstock for their assistance in the process, which was facilitated by increased student demand.

“This was driven by Max and Heinrich,” he said. “They saw the need, and I thank them for their drive to get this done. Being a high-use environment, we need products there that can stand the test of time and can be used over and over. A lot of students have different training modalities, and we need to make sure to cater to as many of them as possible.”

Raleigh Duncan, DC, poses with one of the saunas he donated to Life West earlier this year.

The new equipment comes on the heels of a generous donation from Life West alumnus Dr. Raleigh Duncan. The founder of Clearlight Saunas donated several saunas to his alma mater earlier this year. Two of them have been installed in the gymnasium and are available for use by any member of the Life West community. A third was won at the Life West Golf Classic, and a fourth will be given away later this month at The WAVE.

In addition to the new equipment, fresh paint was applied to the walls, and the turf flooring has been replaced with new material. A main concern in the renovations was a more sanitary environment, and Ferris said the new turf will help provide a far cleaner setting.

“The new turf will be a lot safer for indoor use than the product we had previously,” he said. “That’s really important, from a health and safety perspective.”

View a full photo gallery of the improvements and renovations on the Life Chiropractic College West Facebook page.

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