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Our New Athletic Director

Life West Appoints New Athletics Director

Life West is pleased to announce the appointment of an Athletics Director.

The purpose of this new and dynamic role is to plan, administer, and direct athletic and team sports programs for the College and enhance the student experience. The Athletic Director will also run the Fitness Center.

Our new Athletic Director, Adriaan Ferris, will arrive from New Zealand in mid-September. Adriaan holds a degree in Sport Coaching & Recreation Management, is a former professional rugby player and is the assistant coach of the Tongan National Rugby team.

(Note: Tonga ranks 13th in World and the USA ranks 18th!!).

Needless to say, Adriaan will also be the new Life West Gladiators rugby coach.

Why does Adriaan want to come here?

Adriaan says, “What struck me with Life West was the passion. You have a clear vision for where Life West Rugby wants to be. That makes my job as a coach a lot easier. From my experience, organizations that have a clear vision and competent people in leadership roles tend to succeed in the long term”

With the Gladiators move to Division 2, the Gladiators will field two sides and expand the coaching staff. A twelve week pre-season training will start in October, and a team camp will be held in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Nov 1-2.

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