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The Wave Chiropractic event

Life West’s premier chiropractic conference is now available online! Access sessions discussing the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic and earn up to 20 hours of online CE credit. These will be accessible through Dec. 31, 2020, and if you missed registering back in August, you can still sign up.

Registration is now open for the WAVE 2021, scheduled for Aug. 6-8! Visit the WAVE website to sign up.

Invest in the Next Generation of Chiropractors

Join us in the Life Chiropractic College West mission to create a brighter future for humanity through chiropractic. Whether you’re investing in future chiropractors by empowering academic thought-leaders, advancing chiropractic philosophy, promoting research, upgrading the learning environment, providing scholarships to our most deserving students, or just finding a way to say thank you and give back, each step forward makes us all stronger.


Gross Anatomy Lab Capital Campaign

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Ways to Support

Have you wondered how you can take up the torch and help share the power of chiropractic?

Consider becoming a member of Life West’s DC Ambassador program, Life West mentors who help recruit people they think would make great chiropractors, and ensure they get connected with Life West. DC Ambassadors can be involved in a multitude of ways:

Send a student to Life West

Host a Career Night or shadowing experience

Speak at Champions Discovery Weekend

Our successes are built on the partnerships we nurture. Learn how you can nurture the growth of chiropractic, Life West and its students. Contact the Life West Admissions department today.

Learn more about Life West’s DC Ambassador program

Clinically Inspired Learning

No one else offers the exposure and opportunity to enter the health clinic as early as Life West does.

This focus in the Life West curriculum allows students to make deep connections between what they’re learning in the classroom and how to best care for patients.

Our graduates learn 5 core techniques before entering clinic, and may learn more than a dozen additional techniques as electives. Once they complete clinic requirements, they can enter a preceptorship, which propels them into a real-world chiropractic office, where they continue the hands-on experience of clinic in an external setting.

Clinically Inspired Learning is about more than a college curriculum. This is about creating confident and more competent graduates, who have the practice-ready advantage the moment they step away from Life West’s halls.

Learn more about the Clinically Inspired Learning Curriculum

Life West provided care to more than 22,000 people in just two trips. Our India Clinic served more than 3,500 patients within the first 3 months of opening.

Sharing Chiropractic Around the World

Life West’s vision to create a brighter future for humanity is never stronger than when students, faculty and other chiropractors associated with the college are out there in the world, bring chiropractic to the world’s most under-served communities.

Regular service trips to India, Tonga, and locally to the Mission District in San Francisco and parts of San Francisco’s East Bay, have brought chiropractic care to thousands of people.

Join us as we prepare to bring chiropractic care to other parts of the world, such as Central America, Africa and China. Help us pave the way for new miracles to happen.

Learn more about bringing chiropractic care around the world

Business Institute & Career Services

The Life West Business Institute prepares Life West students to be “practice-ready” when they graduate, but there are also many services available for alumni. For students, the Business Institute uses a dual-pronged approach, offering a robust curriculum of business-related classes in addition to one-on-one counseling. Need help? Life West can offer it, for everything from writing a resume to opening an office.

All services ensure that each student has a better understanding of how to run a successful chiropractic practice from a business aspect. But these services don’t end with graduation—the programs are structured to follow Life West alumni through their career and assist as needed.

Learn more about the Life West Business Institute and Career Services

Continuing Education

Let us help you be at the top of your game

Stay current with mandated licensing requirements as you hone existing skills and learn about new and developing methodologies.

Life West makes it easy and engaging for chiropractors anywhere to fulfill their CE requirements.

Exceptional continuing education courses for chiropractors are held monthly on convenient CE Saturdays, allowing busy clinicians to fulfill a large chunk of their live hours in one day.

Special seminars are held online and on campus, always led by inspiring and well-known chiropractors who are experts in their area.

Life West can provide you with all of your continuing education credits, online or in person. Access online CE any time, day or night, and learn with the same excellent faculty that teach in our live programs.

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Dr. Mark Zeigler
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
P: 510-780-4500 Ext. 2400

Dr. Joe Ibe
Director of Alumni Relations

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