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Getting Started as a Patient

Getting Started as a Patient

You’ve just taken your first step on the road to recovery without drugs or surgery.

At your first visit, your health history will be thoroughly reviewed and a full examination of your spine, with emphasis on your area of complaint, will be completed. This examination will include any x-rays that are clinically indicated. You will be provided with a complete report of the findings, along with a care plan that is specific to your needs.

Each patient and case is different and our experienced doctors and interns will determine when you should receive your first adjustment, either that day or shortly after. You will then have the opportunity to discuss ongoing care with your doctor and intern.

After your appointment, you will have the opportunity to review all results with your intern and health care team.


25001 Industrial Blvd, Suite B
Hayward, CA 94545

Tel: 510-780-4567
Fax: 510-780-4512


Mon. 11 am 6 pm
Tues. 2 pm 6 pm
Wed. 11 am 6 pm
Thurs. 1 pm 6 pm
Fri. 12 pm 5 pm
Sat. 9 am 12:15 pm


Initial Examination – $65

X-Rays – $40 to $120 per region (as clinically indicated by history & exam)

Office Visit – $30

Re-evaluation Examination – $45 (occurs every 6-12 weeks, includes an adjustment)

Ancillary procedures – $10

Reactivation Examination – $65 (only necessary if it’s been more than one year since last visit)

Missed appointment – $10 (no call/no show)

Do you have Original Medicare Part B? Some services may be covered. Please check with our front desk.

Transfer examinations take place when your care transfers from one intern to another. There is no charge for transfer examinations.

All prices are subject to change. Please call the Health Center’s front desk at (510) 780-4567 for more information.

New Patient Forms

The patient paperwork provides us with necessary information about you, your health history, and your health goals. To save time at your first appointment, please fill it out in advance.

Instructions for completing our online forms:
1. Open and SAVE the forms to your computer.
2. Complete the fillable form and save again.
3. Email the completed form to HCadmit@lifewest.edu.

Important! Filling the form out in your browser, instead of saving it to your computer first, may cause you to lose your data.
Use Adobe Reader 8 (or higher) or Adobe Acrobat to complete forms.
Alternatively, you can print the forms and bring them with you to your appointment. Keep in mind it’s faster to email them to us at HCadmit@lifewest.edu.

New Patient
Use this paperwork if this is your first time coming to the Life West Health Center as a patient. And if you have more than one health challenge going on, such as lower back pain AND neck pain, then complete a History of Additional Complaint form for each additional problem. Here they are in Spanish: New Patient Spanish and History of Additional Complaint Spanish

Transfer to a New Intern
Use this paperwork if you’re a patient here, and you’re going to continue your care with a new intern.

Use this paperwork when your intern informs you that it’s time for a re-evaluation examination.

New Pediatric Patient
Use this paperwork if you’re bringing your child (12 or younger) in for chiropractic care. And then complete this Pediatric Patient: Birth to 12 months old or this Pediatric Patient: 1 to 7 years old, depending on how old your child is. If your child is 8-12 years old, just complete the “New Pediatric Patient” paperwork; no additional forms are needed. And if your child is 13-17 years old, you (or they) can complete the “New Patient” paperwork.