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Dr. Ben Glass embraced the chiropractic lifestyle after initial skepticism

Dr. Ben Glass embraced the chiropractic lifestyle after initial skepticism


What was the pivotal moment in your life that led you to discover chiropractic was your calling?

Senior year required me to undertake an independent research study. Sixty-four of the 67 kinesiology students planned to attend physical therapy (PT) school and decided to perform research relevant to the topic. They hoped to incorporate their research in their graduate school applications and to pick up where they had left off once enrolled. The pre-PT structure had given them a clear path to follow and an opportunity to pursue their interests.

Once again, my path was not so clear. Having had learning experiences in massage therapy, a fitness center, an optometry school, and an emergency department — I had many potential career paths. I decided to study the differences among healthcare professions, which led to shadowing different healthcare professionals.

Shadowing made me think being a physician assistant (PA) would be a good fit. Of all the professionals I observed, they seemed to be the sharpest and best communicators. The chiropractor I visited was not inspiring and recommended that I consider another career stemming his challenging experiences. At the semester’s end, I presented my project, then later the same day, went to a PA program interview. I left the interview feeling confused. As I walked home, I saw a gym that had a chiropractor’s office inside. I decided to go in.

I spent the day there, watching the doctor care for children, grandparents, people recovering from car accidents and athletes. I was surprised by how diverse the clientele was and how happy they were with the care being received. That experience was the catalyst that began to change my mind about chiropractic. I sought out other chiropractors with similar practices. The second chiropractor shared his chiropractic philosophy, saying that he loved what he did and thought anyone with their heart in the right place — wanting to serve others — should follow the chiropractic path.

I later brought this same chiropractor to an introduction to kinesiology class, filled with more than 100 students, where he discussed chiropractic. His presentation was a hit with the students, with many lining up to shake his hand and collect his educational materials afterward. This was the first time a chiropractor had spoken to students and it established a tradition.

I was now clear in my intention to become a chiropractor.


How was your time attending Life West?

I transferred to Life West from a more medically oriented Chiropractic insititution. The culture, the classes, and the overall feeling of Life West, which was filled with artists, teachers, and leaders, was a great fit for me. Only later did I realize how little I knew about the differences between chiropractic schools and chiropractic at the beginning of my journey.

The science, the art, and the philosophy that I was learning at Life West along with the energizing people by whom I was now surrounded, propelled me through chiropractic school and into a successful career. But, going into business for myself was not the end of my chiropractic journey. If only I had known more, I thought, my educational experience would have been so much better — more streamlined, more meaningful, and better aligned with my values.


What made you get into prechiropractic?

The struggle through undergraduate education and Chiropractic school did not break me. But throughout the arduous journey, the solution-oriented part of me kept thinking about what this process would look like if it were easier. How could I make it more effective and more efficient, tapping into each student’s unique skill set?

PreChiropractic is the answer to these questions and so many more. It improves the Chiropractic education process by accelerating career exploration, clarifying students’ career goals, strengthening Chiropractic foundational education, selecting the right Chiropractic school, and preparing students for the rigors of Chiropractic education.


Why did you pick Oakland to set up your practice headquarters?

Oakland embraces diversity. As a new Chiropractor starting out, it was important to serve in a city with low access communities that I knew were underserved and could be reached with some effort. We chose the location of the office to be on the second floor in a Chinatown building, which kept overhead low and put us in a central location close to the highway and residential neighborhoods. We stayed in the same space for 9 years because we enjoy how diverse our community is.



What are some good tips you can give to recent alumni in trying to find their perfect chiropractic career choice?

Pre Chiro Students

Explore the professional pathways available. Seek experience getting adjusted from high caliber adjustors. Lead yourself towards more Alignment in life. If Chiropractic aligns with you, then realize what the process to become a Chiropractor looks like. familiarize yourself

Newly enrolled Chiro students:

Focus on specific approaches to practice so you can refine your Chiro skills. Identify who you want to work with and put your heart into taking care of people well. Pay attention to the types of people who you work well with.

For new graduates:

Graduate with a plan to charge for your services and think like an entrepreneur. Learn personal finance so you can start your retirement account. Practice from day 1 with a great work ethic to get better and stronger with your adjusting and Chiropractic care.

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