give. do. love. serve.

Service Trips

Sharing Chiropractic With Under-Served Communities Around the World

Global Service Trips

Give. Do. Love. Serve.

When you attend Life West, you will be attending a college dedicated to service and sharing the benefits of chiropractic. You will have the opportunity to provide natural health care to those most in need through the chiropractic adjustment. You’ll have the chance to travel through our service trips, and witness the power of chiropractic yourself as you work in some of the most under-served communities in the world. Let’s make a lasting imprint that will be transformational, not only to the lives you serve, but to your own.

Understand our mission

Ready for an incredibly rewarding adventure?

San Francisco service trip


San Francisco’s Mission District

This humanitarian program, sponsored by Life Chiropractic College West, is a student/faculty coalition that provides complimentary chiropractic care to those in the San Francisco Bay Area with little or no access to health care.

The program was founded in August 2008 by two Life West students and the Life West Academic Counselor, who shared a desire to serve the health needs of those in our own backyard. Communities right here in the U.S. are experiencing many of the same conditions as disadvantaged populations in third-world countries.

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Life West India Service Trip

Life West works with the Indian Association of Chiropractic DoctorsSant Nirankari Mission and doctors from all over the world to serve thousands of people from the India community during these service trips to India.

The chiropractic clinic is part of a larger event attended by thousands and thousands of people. Many of them have never experienced chiropractic care, and students and staff report seeing amazing responses to the care they give.

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Life West India Service Trip - Chiropractic Care in India
LIfe West students participating in a service trip in Tonga offering chiropractic care

South Pacific

Life West Tonga Service Trip

Life West travels three times a year to Tonga to deliver care in a two-day chiropractic clinic.

The first trip came after a visit from Dr. Saia Piukala, Tonga’s health minister, in 2018. Students, staff and faculty members from Life West traveled to the Kingdom of Tonga in December 2018 for an initial visit to provide free chiropractic care to the public, and regular trips have occurred since that first visit.

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Expanding our reach

Additional service trips in the planning stages

Life Chiropractic College West has a legacy of commitment to service. Our vision is to share chiropractic with the world, creating a brighter future for humanity.

We’re planning service trips to Panama, and we hope to add China and Africa in the near future. We’ve also held clinics for active-duty military and veterans in San Francisco’s East Bay area, and we’re expanding our care and service throughout the Bay Area.

In addition to service trips, Life West is establishing permanent clinics so that we can continue to deliver care beyond our service trips. Look for a clinic in Tonga next.