Finding the Right Fit

Life West Education. NorCal Vibe.

Life West’s home campus in The San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to earn your doctor of chiropractic degree AND an amazing jumping-off point for all that Northern California has to offer.  


Our Hayward, CA Campus

Life West is extremely fortunate to have a fantastic campus filled with amazing students and an extremely dedicated team of educators – all in this incredible geographic location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Earning a doctorate of chiropractic is going to consume a significant amount of your focus, energy and time for ~3-1/2 years. Along that journey, you’ll forge lifetime friendships with some of the most genuine students you can imagine and experience unforgettable moments together. The Bay Area is a great place to call home base for that experience. From the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and beyond, find countless opportunities to explore & enjoy all that Northern California has to offer.

Map showing Life Chiropractic College West's location in Northern California

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West Coast Campus

Spaces to learn

Whether you’re taking in a morning lecture in a classroom, practicing technique in our Technology Training Center or getting motivated by one of our weekly guest seminar speakers in the Standard Process Auditorium Hall (SPAH), Life West’s campus is built for learning.  

West Coast Campus

Spaces to study

In 2020, Life West Hayward transformed our traditional library space into a contemporary, technology-driven “Learning Commons” to move away from being reliant on silent and solitary study techniques and towards a vibrant environment focused on fostering group learning. 

Throughout the campus, you’ll find multiple dedicated spaces designed to help you collaborate with your classmates.

West Coast Campus

Spaces to stay active

Life West has a very active student body and our campus embraces that. Whether you’re getting involved in intercollegiate and intramural athletics or just looking to shoot some hoops between classes, we’ve got you covered. A full gym, infrared sauna and so much more – Life West has space to stay active.

West Coast Campus

Spaces to recharge

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to study, somewhere to squeeze in a power nap or just need a spot to relax and talk with friends, our Hayward campus has no shortage of spaces to do so. Our student lounge comes with a pool table, TV with game counsels, refrigerators for food and plenty of seating. You can find dedicated dark spaces for that power nap. From our Learning Commons (library) to our Student Success Center and beyond, you’ll also find countless quiet places to study individually or as a group. 

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Exploring what a chiropractic degree program looks like? While you’ll find answers to all of your questions here on our website, we’ve consolidated information about the topics we discuss most often in our Admission eBook – everything from a dive into the curriculum to a year-by-year breakdown of what to expect. Download a copy today.

Prepare Yourself For A Successful Career With A Robust Mix Of Clinical Experience And Academics

Traditionally, chiropractic students have taken a sequential path — spending the first half (or more) of their program in a strictly academic classroom environment before transitioning to more hands-on, clinical components. At Life West, we feel that immersing students in the clinical aspect should happen in parallel to their academic studies, allowing students the practical application of their work in tandem with their classroom studies. In short, Life West students begin getting hands-on experience significantly earlier than any other program and will graduate with significantly more hours of clinical experience — a huge advantage in knowledge retention and being truly prepared for your post-graduation transition as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

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You may not have all the prerequisites for acceptance to a chiropractice college right now, but that doesn't mean you have no hope of getting in!

Reach out to one of our amazing admissions representatives today and see how they can help you make your dreams of becoming a chiropractor come true. They will help you understand the requirements and provide guidance on how to meet them. They will be more than happy to help you explore different paths and provide insight into what it takes to get where you want.

With the right guidance and hard work, you can make your dreams of becoming a chiropractor come true!

Finding the Right Fit

Your Doctorate Of Chiropractic Degree Is Within Reach–we Can Help You Get There.

It’s your mission to become a doctor of chiropractic–it’s ours to help you achieve that goal as seamlessly as possible. That’s why at Life Chiropractic College West (Life West) at Bellevue University, we’ve made our financial aid process streamlined and simple. We encourage any and every one of our prospective students at Life West to explore their options and pursue their educational goals. To help in that effort, we provide timely, accurate financial assistance in compliance with federal and state regulations. These financial assistance programs are more than a resource for you; they’re an opportunity for ambitious, hardworking students to chase their goals, achieve their dreams, and become the doctors of chiropractic they were meant to be.

We offer a variety of Inaugural scholarships for full-time students with exemplary academic achievement. Explore these merit-based and other scholarships for qualifying incoming students (matriculating fall 2023 or winter 2024). Recipients are chosen based on the criteria for the specific scholarship.

Discover the ins and outs of costs associated with attending Life Chiropractic College West – Bellevue Campus. Dive into our sample financial aid packages to explore how Life West’s Bellevue Financial Aid office can assist you in enrolling in, experiencing, and completing your doctorate of chiropractic degree.


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