Over 14 internally-funded scholarships available for current and incoming students.

Scholarships are a great way to minimize your total debt load while maximizing the value of your education. Be sure to check out all of your options! The criterion varies for each scholarship, with a high percentage available only to chiropractic students.


Federal Work-Study Programs

The student employment program provides opportunities for part-time work through both federal and institutional funding. Job listings are available for on and off-campus position.

Taking into consideration the interest accrual while in school, earning even $1,000 a quarter through a work-study program could lower your monthly payment by $165.00 and decrease your cumulative payments (principal & interest) over a 10 year payment period by $19,500.

Loan Programs

Utilizing federal student loan programs

An education from Life Chiropractic College West is often, at least partially funded through federal, direct subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loans.  These U.S. loan programs give students the ability to fund the portion of their tuition not covered through grants, scholarships & work-study programs.  They’re also a vehicle for deferring the costs of living expenses while focusing on your graduate degree.