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Life Chiropractic College West, together with its students, alumni and friends, is dedicated to building a brighter future for humanity through chiropractic. Donations enhance the student experience by improving the learning and clinical care delivery environment, supporting our faculty, upgrading the facilities, sports performance, continued education, alumni relations, underwriting service trips, promoting philosophical inquiry, undertaking research, and advancing in technology.

It’s not what you’re capable of, It’s what you’re willing to do! There are plenty of people who are capable, but there are few that are willing!

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Specific Goals & Opportunities To Support Life West

There are many opportunities to support a variety of Life West academic and clinical objectives as well as numerous financial vehicles for making thoughtful and tax-wise contributions.

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Join the Life West President’s Circle

Become a member of the President’s Circle, a society of benefactors committed to investing in the next generation of chiropractors. Every dollar contributed by President’s Circle members is used to enhance the student experience.
Join or renew as a sustaining member and ensure your contributions continue uninterrupted, thereby providing the financial assurance we can draw upon to cultivate a college environment of innovation, collaboration, scholarship and research – Give, Do, Love and Serve from a place of abundance.

In Rememberence

Contribute to the Dr. Gerard W. Clum Memorial Fund

Sworn in as President in 1981, Dr. Clum spent 30 years guiding thousands of students into a fulfilling career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. Clum’s dedication to chiropractic education, the chiropractic community and his unwavering commitment to the college have left an indelible mark on our institution and the entire profession. His legacy will forever inspire us to strive for greatness and uphold the values he held dear.

Help Life West honor Dr. Clum’s remarkable contributions and keep his legacy alive in our hearts and actions.

Complex Contributions Made Easy

Introducing Life West Gift Legacy

Our new Life West Gift Legacy website is designed to offer you valuable personal, financial, and estate planning resources. Learn how to create an estate plan for your family, access the latest financial news, read tips for savvy living, and become more aware of significant changes from your state and national capitals.

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