The Bigger Why

With So Many Potential Paths To Take, Why Chiropractic?  Why Life West?

Students take a path into Chiropractic for their own reasons. Some have had their own great experiences with chiropractic care. Many see themselves in a health care profession and see the benefit to a more natural approach to care and results – as opposed to throwing pharmaceuticals at symptoms. Some are in it for the money and the autonomy that life as a chiropractor affords. Many are some combination of all of those and more.

We’ve built our chiropractic degree program with intention and purpose. That purposely-built curriculum, culture and overall approach at Life West creates practice-ready chiropractors who can consciously answer their own “why”. So rather than continue to preach about the program we’ve built, continue below to hear students discuss the “whys”. Why chiropractic? Why Life West?

Our Purpose

What Is Your
Overarching Why?

Life West has a vision to create a brighter future for humanity through excellence in modern chiropractic education. Our overarching why is our lasting purpose – to GIVE, to DO, to LOVE and to SERVE.

Our Approach

Why Clinically
Inspired Learning?

You are looking for a clinical setting where you will have great mentor doctors teaching you real-world skills. As you work with the public in clinic, you develop the confidence and skills that take your education to the next level.

Kaitlyn on Clinical Experience

Senior student, Kaitlyn, describes how she recruited new patients and developed a success strategy in the Life West Clinic, that has set her up to go into practice right away when she graduates.


What Is The Focus Of
The Curriculum?

What is the focus of the curriculum? Is it focused on simply passing boards or building for sustainable success in the field? At Life West we focus on the SCIENCE, ART, PHILOSOPHY and BUSINESS of chiropractic.

Authentic Culture

Why The Life West
Culture Matters

The community at school reflects the tribe you will have with you for the rest of your career. Life West is thriving because of our extraordinary community.