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When you choose Life West, you choose more than just a career path–you choose a bright, successful future. Our campus, curriculum, and culture are dedicated to not just providing you with the best education possible for your Doctor of Chiropractic career but also a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

11:1 Student-to-Staff Ratio

At Life West, we believe that personalized education makes all the difference. Our small class sizes ensure that every student receives personalized, hands-on education. You’re never just a number in a crowded auditorium at Life West–we’re committed to both your educational achievements and also your personal success. You can count on our experienced, supportive staff to provide you with the personalized learning and small class sizes you deserve.

200+ Expert Faculty & Experienced Support Staff

The real key to success? Our team of experienced, professional faculty and support staff. Our roster of experienced professors and instructors offers both academic support as well as professional experience to ensure your learning experience is fortified with expertise, knowledge, and industry know-how.

NBCE Pass Rate

Life West knows that pass rates matter. When choosing a school, future Chiropractors need to be contentious and discerning–especially when it comes to a school’s pass rates. Life West is proud to consistently rank in the top 10 of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) exam pass rates of all chiropractic schools.

Student-First Culture

Academics matter–but your experience matters, too. When you choose Life West, you choose more than just a robust blend of clinical curriculum and hands-on experience; you choose a school that supports you, fosters your interests, and offers a community filled with rich connections that will stay with you long after graduation. Explore our 40 clubs and organizations, organized and competitive sports, and an inspired culture that puts your experience and happiness first.

Rich & Rewarding Student Life

Our inspired student life and supportive culture are built on a foundation of community, compassion, and connection. Academics matters, but the supportive and enriching network you surround yourself with matters, too. We’re proud to provide our students with a culture that puts student life first. Discover over 40 clubs and organizations at Life West alongside our competitive and recreational sports programs.

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When I walk through these doors, I think of a brighter future for humanity.

I think of love and I think of people being able to express their love in any way they see fit and here at Life West, it’s so easy to do that.

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