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Campus Culture

Campus Culture

What’s it really like to be a chiropractic student at Life West?

The special energy of the student life (student life = student culture and community) at Life West is one of the things that people always notice right away and talk about when they visit. This never surprises us, because we feel the same thing – there is something different about the way people interact here. Life West has an energy and vitality which make school fun (really!) even when it is busy and fast-paced.

What’s special at Life West? Our students engage in not just learning facts and passing benchmarks, but in becoming the best versions of themselves on all levels. They do this in groups, clubs, seminars, interpersonal relationships, and just while hanging out in Sid Square during the daily 9:20 break.

What does “a day in the life” look like?

Life West students start their days early, with classes generally beginning at either 7:30 or 9:30 a.m. depending on individual quarterly schedules. Most classes end between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Every day, all of the students have a half hour break at 9:20 am and generally use that time to relax and hang out. You will usually see a group of students sunning themselves on the back steps or relaxing at Sid Square.

Lunch break lasts from 11:40 to 1:00 for all students. This is a great time to attend club meetings or social events. Many students use this time to attend the daily technique open lab, where they can brush up their adjusting skills with an experienced faculty member’s supervision.

After school, many students stay to use the fitness center, use the gym or go to the library to use the resources there to study in small groups or look at an anatomical model.

The Activities Coordinator keeps things lively by creating group activities for the entire student body every few weeks (like rock climbing, ice skating and paintball excursions).

Students report that they tend to study around two to three hours daily outside of class, and that they generally have time to earn money with on- or off-campus part-time jobs.

Campus Facilities Include:

      • The Student Lounge for students to hang out and store their lunches and snacks or to relax a little and play some pingpong/pool
      • Cafe Au Life where healthy snacks and hearty meals are available
      • Multiple study areas (it’s fun to study in a group, really!)
      • Classrooms for use by the multitude of student clubs and organizations
      • The “Quiet Room” is where students go to relax where it’s quiet and dark (and maybe grab a quick cat nap on a comfy couch)
      • The Gymnasium is home to full-court basketball, volleyball, and other team sports
      • The Fitness Center is available (with on-site lockers rooms and showers) for those who like to arrive early or for those who choose to stay after school to work out