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Chiropractic Education Overview

A chiropractic college offers a professional post-graduate degree for people seeking to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).

Life Chiropractic College West provides a five-year academic program in a condensed three and a half years (14 quarters). Chiropractic students generally attend classes year-round, with a week off in the spring and fall between quarters and a three-week break in the summer and winter.

Life West also offers an accelerated curriculum to qualifying students that allows them to complete the program in just 12 quarters and graduate in three years. To find out more about qualifying for the accelerated curriculum, check the admissions requirements page.

A well-rounded chiropractic education is comprised of a variety of elements.

Year One: The coursework in the first year focuses on basic sciences. Students learn intricate details of the anatomy and physiology of the human body at a professional doctoral level. Students also receive opportunities at hands-on learning, including receiving instruction on how to palpate and assess the spine and the basics of chiropractic technique.

Year Two: Students apply the science to the function and assessment of the human body. More chiropractic technique and examination skills are added to the curriculum, as are patient communication and business skills. Students are introduced to the clinic and begin to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Year Three and beyond: Students are applying everything they’ve learned in the classroom to real people in a clinical setting. In the third year, students are taught advanced techniques. They have the opportunity to narrow in on the specialties of their choosing, and more coursework related to the business of running a chiropractic office is offered.