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What is The Office of Academic Affairs?

The Office is Academic Affairs is the area responsible for the assisting student academically while in the Life West program, while reviewing the chiropractic program through assessment and evaluation to streamline the process in order to ensure a successful transition for the students through the curriculum to graduation.

Who are the members of the Office of Academic Affairs?

The Office of Academic Affairs is overseen by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The majority of the departments under the Office of Academic Affairs are located within the Academic Success Center. These departments include the Registrar’s Office, Academic Advising, Academic Support, Academic Counseling, and Faculty Administrative Assistants. Other areas that are also part of the Office of Academic Affairs are the Library, Financial Aid, and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning.

What services are provided through the Academic Success Center?

Academic/student advising, management of the tutoring program, canvas support, supervision of make-up, accommodated and overlap exams, student attendance, study skills development, academic counseling, conflict resolution, coordination of the ADA program, transcript maintenance and requests, and scheduling.

Who do I contact for further information?

For assistance in Academic Services, please contact:

Joanne Mangale
Academic Support Specialist
Phone: 1.510.780.4500 ext. 2110
Email: jmangale@lifewest.edu

For contacting the Vice President of Academic Affairs, please contact:

Michael Hurschmann
Executive Assistant, Office to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Phone: 1.510.780.4500 ext. 2350
Email: mhurschmann@lifewest.edu