Diversity and Inclusion

A Strategic Initiative at Life West


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is integral to the Life West mission to focus our collective efforts on creating a campus community where students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds and life experiences can contribute and thrive for the betterment of humanity. Our Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan is anchored by six focus areas:

  • Campus Culture
  • Develop a Culture of Service
  • Community Engagement and Support
  • Training

Our priorities to successfully implement the plan are to:

  • Increase awareness within the organization of the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Provide D&I training and development to leadership.
  • Engage our internal communities as well as alumni
  • Reward, recognize and communicate results
  • Develop and implement metrics and accountability systems.


To advance chiropractic through personalized learning, technique and pedagogic excellence, philosophical inquiry, entrepreneurial spirit and compassionate service. To lead chiropractic education with cultural authority in the profession, delivering the Doctor of Chiropractic program along with complementary master’s and doctorate programs. To transform humanity by our service while remaining grounded in the traditional philosophy and principles of chiropractic. To cultivate a college environment of innovation, collaboration, scholarship and research, and a commitment to give, do, love and serve from a place of abundance.


This online college-wide network and repository provides a platform for increasing knowledge and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • The Campus Voice– Stay connected and up to date with the campus community. Read posts from student clubs, departments, college president and more!

Student Club Events

Student Life Events


Financial Aid

We encourage students to apply for scholarships & federal work-study and for those needing further assistance, the federal student loan programs.

Our goal is to simplify the financial aid process and to educate students on their rights and responsibilities while providing assistance in the funding of their education. We strongly value the idea that students to be informed about the details of their financial decisions while a chiropractic student at Life West.

While we’ll outline and link to some of the common components below, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at:

1.510.780.4500 ext.2690 or via email at finaid@lifewest.edu.

Learn more about financial aid resources at Life West.

Diversity & Inclusion

This one stop shop contains a wide assortment of educational podcasts, articles, books and more aimed at arming and teaching everyone to better understand D&I as well as strengthening allyship.

Go to Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Student Support

Life Chiropractic College West students come from a wide variety of cultural, personal, familial and academic backgrounds. Life West has an Academic Counselor on campus to assist students adapting to the rigors of chiropractic school. The realities of being a chiropractic student can make it challenging to maintain one’s overall sense of well-being. Here are some resources:

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Life Chiropractic College West policy prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, discrimination based on sex, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence. Life Chiropractic College West also prohibits harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity, pregnancy, and parental status. Life Chiropractic College West commitment applies to enrollment, admissions, recruitment, athletics, and employment and in all College activities and programs.

To speak to someone about an incident, contact Tarsha Addison, Title IX Coordinator, Civil Rights Investigator, Chair and Hearing Officer & Decision Maker at (510) 780-4541 Ext. 4020 or to report an incident.

Academic Counseling

Life West counselors will confidentially guide you through all aspects of maximizing your time at Life West. The Academic Counselor is located in the Academic Success Center in Room 107D. Appointments can be made by contacting Academic Counselor Lori Pino at 1 (800) 788-4476 Ext. 2061 or lpino@lifewest.edu.

Learn how Academic Counselors at Life West help students adapt to chiropractic school.

Student Life

Consider this your orientation to all things Student Life at Life Chiropractic College West! Turn to the Department of Student Life for practical information about health insurance, ID cards, intern badges, work-study programs, commencement information and other activities. If you’re looking for an apartment, a part-time job or additional support, we have staff members who can provide you with guidance.

Learn how the Department of Student Life points you towards all the resources you’ll need to have an extraordinary experience at Life West from admission to graduation.

Training and Development

D&I is endorsed at the highest levels at Life West and thus, training is essential in achieving its strategic goals and initiatives.

To that end we have engaged employees and students who are D&I advocates, and support our D&I vision every day. We continue to evolve through our DEI training.

Meet the Team

Diversity and Inclusion
Silvia Dueñas Bielser
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator & Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Silvia is passionate about D&I and works to remove barriers to all forms of entry to ensure all are welcomed, seen and heard. In the role at Life West, Silvia will work to foster diversity, inclusion and equity by building on current DEI goals and strategic initiatives. Silvia will also serve on the college’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Prior to joining Life West, she was the Diversity & Inclusion Manager at the United States Tennis Association Northern California. Silvia collaborated with all NorCal department leaders in providing support in the delivery of diversity and multicultural outreach initiatives as well as to provide resources, data, information and best practices. This included managing the D&I college scholarships and the Brand Ambassador program.

She also served as the staff liaison to the USTA NorCal Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the USTA NorCal Adaptive Committee. Through these committees, Silvia worked to faithfully execute the strategic plans that encompassed planning, organizing, and performing activities related to programs and initiatives such as assisting coaches, players, conducting outreach events, offering financial support and partnership creation all in an effort to engage the various diverse communities.

Silvia received her Bachelor’s in International Studies from University of the Pacific and her Master’s in International Relations from Schiller International University at the Paris, France campus.

Find her office in the Library, room 117MM. Please come by and say hello!
She may also be reached at sbielser@lifewest.edu