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Registrar Requests

Registrar Requests

How can we help you?

Our Life West Registrar’s office can assist you with many requests. You may need to provide forms or documentation to complete these requests. Please note that all submissions will take 5 – 7 days to process.

Before you get started

Official & Unofficial Transcripts:

  1. There is currently no charge for transcripts.
  2. Please allow 5 – 7 days for processing. Requests made at the end of the term may be delayed due to end of term activities.
  3. Work-In-Progress transcripts will be marked as such for students who are currently enrolled.
  4. NOTE: Transcripts will not be issued until all outstanding accounts with Life Chiropractic College West are paid in full.

Loan Deferral Letters: 

You’ll need to upload a copy of your loan provider’s form.

Jury Duty Postponement:

You’ll need to upload a copy of your summons or drop a copy of at the Registrar’s Office.  You’ll need to provide this well in advance of your summons date.

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