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Patient Outcomes and Clinical Research — The nexus of our chiropractic research effort.

Continually developing our Research Expertise, Infrastructure, and Capacity across a range of critical research domains – Public Health and Health Services Research; Educational Research; Basic Science, Neuroscience, and Translational Research; Biomechanics and Ergonomics.

Conducting and collaborating — Integrative and cross-cutting research.

Contact the Life West Research team at research@lifewest.edu

Latest News

Perspective on chiropractic research in Canada

By Austin Bergquist, PhD  It is a wonderful time to be a chiropractor in Canada. The profession has witnessed a gradual increase in utilization since the 1980s,...

Life West research prioritizes Vitalism, objective biomarkers that give insight to optimization of health

How do we know – with irrefutable research and hard data – that someone who is living the chiropractic lifestyle is, in fact, healthier than the average person ...

Backing up the brain-body connection: Cutting-edge research shows physiological changes

Increasingly, policies from different chiropractic research groups and associations around the world are encouraging practitioners in the industry to focus on m...

Measuring the effects of chiropractic with biomarkers

There is so much information pertaining to the benefits of chiropractic for musculoskeletal problems and pain control that its efficacy is no longer questioned....

Balancing the needs of patients: Evidence-based vs. evidence-informed care

Canadian-American physician David Sackett, often called the father of evidence-based care, birthed a broader development in health care: a shift from “trust in ...

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