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Life Chiropractic College West has over 5,000 alumni in practice across the United States and worldwide. Our distinguished alumni hold strong influence in the world of chiropractic and are involved in many prominent chiropractic organizations. Each alumni story begins with experience, education, and involvement as a student at Life West.
When you graduate from Life West, you become a member of the Life West Alumni Association. We hope you will take advantage of the many programs, services, special events, and resources available to you, and stay connected to the college and your fellow alumni.

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Hi Everyone!

I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. Can you believe our alma mater has turned 40? Can you recall the feelings you had when you received your acceptance letter or your diploma?

I remember having a phone interview with someone from the Admissions Office. I was sitting in my aged Mazda sedan and thinking to myself, “This is it.” I was sold at the end of the call on a profession and institution I had yet to see with my own two eyes (but that’s another story).

Fast-forward 3+ years later, I graduated from Life West in a ceremony held at Chabot College. Back in 2010, we did not have our own auditorium. During my tenure that space was all storage.

The four walls of our Hayward campus — despite its lack of architectural and visual appeal at the time — symbolized a warm embrace to me. Inside the Life West bubble, I developed a better sense of myself, my future as a health care provider and business professional, and I created a number of lifelong relationships along the way.

Sure, I wish I learned more on any particular topic before I graduated in preparation for the outside world. But overall, I deemed myself a steadfast, philosophically driven chiroprac-TOR.

Now, in 2021, I find myself in front of an audience of my peers leading the charge of keeping us together, or rather, expanding our Life West bubble beyond the four walls of our campus. I call it “Life after Life West.” What a privilege!

Our alma mater’s continued strength comes not just from the active students but from our alumni who give back — their time, their energy, their resources.

I hope the year-long celebration reaches many outlying alumni and is the catalyst for bringing them back into the fold. If this letter speaks to you, reach out. Let’s connect about bringing you back into the Life West bubble.

Best wishes, Life West, as we celebrate 40 years of giving, doing, loving and serving.

Dr. Joseph Ibe
Director of Alumni Relations

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