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Preceptorship Program

The Preceptorship Program offers the senior student or a student who has earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree but has not received a license yet with an opportunity to increase their clinical experience prior to entering into private practice.

The Preceptor or host DC will assist in the development of a new practitioner, who brings enthusiasm and a willingness to learn to the practice. This is a great opportunity for the intern and the experienced chiropractor.

The intern has the ability to work in a real-world setting under the supervision of an experienced supervising doctor. This enables them to gain a more complete understanding and development of their clinical, communication, and business skills including:

  • Participating in additional clinical settings
  • Increasing their exposure to various techniques and clinical practices
  • Seeing firsthand how chiropractors handle the business of chiropractic
  • Gaining practical experience upon which to plan and build their private chiropractic practice in the future
  • Practicing (to the extent permitted by law) the knowledge and skills they have attained during their course and clinical work including adjusting, examination and clinical judgment.
  • Discovering their professional strengths and weaknesses before embarking on their own career.

To apply, please download the preceptorship application packet.

Please review the PDF materials carefully and use the enclosed check-off lists to ensure you have all the required documents for processing. If you are interested in participating in this program, contact Program Manager Amiee Fiorito at afiorito@lifewest.edu or (510) 780-4500 ext. 4560.

The current processing time for applications is 30 days, and out-of-state and international applications may take longer.

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Preceptorship Program
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