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Philosophy Department


Philosophy Department

The philosophy department houses the philosophy classes, business classes and research classes. The philosophy classes go into the development of the underlying foundation of what the chiropractic profession is all about. Philosophy classes often ask, “why do we do what we do?,” and help advance the student’s understanding of where chiropractic lies in the greater healthcare landscape. These ideas are further developed in the business program to be applied in day-to-day clinical situations.

While philosophy classes provide the foundation for the student’s role in the profession, the business classes at Life West provide foundation for the student’s role in an individual practice. The research classes tie them all together using an evidence-informed approach to success in clinical practice, which helps students understand the research community. Put together, the philosophy department gives the student essential tools for practical success after graduation.

Department Chair: Ankur Tayal, DC

Ankur Tayal, DC

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Tayal was heavily focused on math and sciences during his early educational years. He thought he wanted to be a Medical Doctor and thus had a very analytical approach to education.

Of all places, Dr. Tayal discovered chiropractic at a career fair. A graduate from a different college was promoting Life West, and when she shared the simple idea that a misaligned spine can affect the function of the nervous system it houses and protects, and correcting these misalignments can do wonders for people’s health, he was hooked immediately! He finished his Bachelor’s Degree and was off to Life West.

After graduation, Dr. Tayal was in private practice for six years, including five at his own practice in Victoria, British Columbia. While he was there, he started his MBA at the University of Victoria and completed it in 2018 (the same year he also completed the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers program from Sherman College). With degrees in Life Science, Business and Chiropractic Philosophy to go along with his DC degree, Dr. Tayal brings both academic experience and a passion for teaching to Life West as the philosophy chair. He values a logical, evidence-informed approach to chiropractic philosophy and helping students understand that this approach is the competitive advantage that allows them to succeed in practice.

Outside of the classroom, you can find Dr. Tayal on the squash court, at a hockey game or around a campfire with his guitar.

Q + A with Dr. Tayal

Q: Why do I have to take philosophy classes?
A: The philosophy classes give a framework for what the chiropractic profession is and where it belongs in the modern world. They give a historical context for why we are where we currently are, and how we can move forward. Understanding what makes us different is essential in being able to appreciate what we truly offer to our patients.

Q: I don’t like philosophy. Can I opt out of these classes?
A: You may not. Don’t worry! We strive to provide an environment that is safe to explore your own boundaries.

Q: When do we take our first business classes?
A: Depending on the track you are on, you will take your first business class in either the first or second quarter.

Q: I heard philosophy was old, historical and not important anymore. Is this true?
A: That is actually a common misconception! Philosophy literally means, “love of wisdom,” and is focused on learning about why we do things that we do. Getting a deeper understanding of our own profession is always beneficial, and we have constructed our curriculum accordingly.