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Administrative team

Scott Donaldson, DC, EdD Provost

Lauren Clum, DC Dean of Clinical Operations

Bruce Chester, DC Dean of Clinical Competency

Jenifer Warnock, DC Director of Imaging

Ryan Odell Director of HC Compliance and Data Architecture

Andrew Herrera Customer Service Manager

You may also contact the Life West Health Center at (510) 780-4567.

Health Center Doctors

Dr. Douglas Bell

Alma Mater: Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, CA – 1983

Practice Experience: Private practice from 1984-2008, Faculty at Life Chiropractic College West from 1987-present

Additional Credentials: Drop Table, Diversified and Extremity Adjusting

Biography: Dr. Bell has specialized in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases for over 15 years and is certified by the state of California as a Qualified Medical Evaluator. Dr. Bell is also recognized as a certified chiropractic sports physician and has worked with college athletes.

Dr. Herby Bell

Alma Mater: Before graduating with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Bell received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at San Diego.

Additional Credentials: His post-graduate training in sports-related injuries, applied spinal biomechanics (F.A.S.B.E.), and addictionology (D.A.C.A.C.D.(c)) positioned him for his practices in the San Francisco and Monterey bay areas, where he has provided care for professional athletes from NFL football players to pro surfers, and a later focus on working with people with addiction.

Private Practice Experience: Herby Bell has been a licensed health care provider since 1981.

Specialties: Applied spinal biomechanics (F.A.S.B.E.) and addictionology (D.A.C.A.C.D.(c))

Biography: Dr. Bell’s approach leverages the importance of applied brain science research including wedding conventional with holistic approaches such as the neurobiological approach of chiropractic in helping people to get and stay well. His integrated approach includes developing individual wellness protocols via heightened awareness around functional exercise, integrated nutrition, healthy sleep habits and mindfulness (cognitive and emotional intelligences) skills. Dr. Bell worked collaboratively and closely with mental health professionals in this regard in an integrated, multidisciplinary approach for addiction treatment – so important for this mind, body and spirit disorder of addiction in all of its manifestations, and so important in regaining and maintaining good health across the board. Dr. Bell translates his experience and knowledge of brain-body lifestyle practices to his present work as a professor on the Clinical Education faculty team at Life Chiropractic College West and teaching Applied Philosophy to doctoral candidates in their third year of training. He is the father of three adult sons and lives in Santa Cruz, enjoying the surfing community with his beloved partner, Annie, and dog, Jackie.

Alma Mater: Info needed

Additional Credentials: Info needed

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Specialties: Info needed

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Dr. Paula Murillo Edwards

Additional Credentials: Fitness professional and personal trainer

Private Practice Experience: 31 years

Specialties: Diversified, Activator and SOT

Biography: Dr. Murillo joined the health center faculty at Life West in 2017. She enjoys watching interns gain greater competency in their adjusting and analyzing skills, as they complete their requirements in the clinic, and check out as competent chiropractors. Dr. Murillo believes that it is advantageous for a chiropractor to have multiple “tools” in their toolbox, as not every technique works for every patient. She is also a patient under upper cervical care and is thoroughly enjoying the learning experience of Toggle and Blair techniques. The other hat that Dr. Murillo has worn for 31 years is that of fitness professional. She has taught a wide variety of group fitness classes and was a personal trainer for many years prior to coming to Life West and specialized in core strengthening utilizing a variety of modalities, including TRX, BOSU, and mat Pilates. She continues to teach group fitness classes, outside of her job as mentor. Dr. Murillo believes that exercise is an essential aspect of good health. Dr. Murillo also enjoys traveling and has participated in two service trips to Tonga with Life West.

Dr. Susan Hilliker.

Alma Mater: Palmer West College of Chiropractic, San Jose State University

Additional Credentials: Completed the Int’l Chiropractic Pediatric Program at Life College in 2000. Working on Insurance Consulting post-grad program at Logan Chiropractic College.

Private Practice Experience: I have been practicing in California, New Mexico and other parts of the world for over 26 years.

Specialties: Gonstead

Biography: I received my BS in Occupational Therapy in 1973 from San Jose State University in San Jose CA. In January 1980 I started school at (then) Northern California College of Chiropractic, graduating in December 1982 from the new Palmer College of Chiropractic West in Sunnyvale, CA. I received both my CA and AZ licenses in 1983. Since that time I have practiced in Sacramento, Windsor and Santa Clara, CA. I share my passion for chiropractic with world travel and have treated patients in many countries around the world, including Mexico, El Salvador, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia. I lived and practiced in Taos, NM for 9 years, returning to CA to participate in the new Life West Health Center program January 2009.

Dr. Koen Kallop

Alma Mater: Palmer College of Chiropractic-West

Private Practice: Multiple practices for decades on the Peninsula including more recently Founder & Director of a multi-practitioner inter-disciplinary clinic, Live Oak Center for the Healing Arts, in Menlo Park, Evergreen Health Services in Palo Alto, and Director of Chiropractic Services at HealthNOW Medical Center in Sunnyvale

Specialties: Diversified; Drop Table

Biography: In my 30 years of practice, I have been privileged to facilitate the regaining and retaining of health and freedom from pain in this extended community via various methods of care. I specialize in the treatment of the whole person, from form and structure to dynamic function, including lifestyle, nutrition, and core principles of balance & well-being. I have been a practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi Chu’uan and Chi Gong at multiple locations for many years. I have also been a founder and owner (and instructor) of a professional massage therapy school and center, as well as the director and producer (and host) of an ongoing/monthly cable television show, ‘Focus On Health: Dimensions in Natural Healing’, aired frequently in the Bay Area. I support an integrative approach, combining knowledge from the mind, and intelligence in the hands, heart & soul in treating patients.

Alma Mater: Life Chiropractic College West, graduated Spring 1996 with honors. She also received her Bachelor of Arts in 1983 from the State University of New York with honors, specializing in NeuroPsychology.

Additional Credentials: She has extensive experience in Functional Medicine, Detoxification, and non-invasive biochemical laboratory testing having completed the first Certification Course in 2000, given by Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, as well as various certifications throughout the years. She is presently working on completion of Certification in Functional Medicine through the Functional Medicine Institute.

Practice Experience: In Berkeley 1996 to 2001, San Leandro from 2001 until 2015.

Specialties: Certified in Activator Technique, Low Force techniques such as B.E.S.T., S.O.T., Functional Medicine Laboratory testing with special interest in chronic illness such as GI issues, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Biography: Upon graduation, Dr. Linda Rae Savage began to practice in Berkeley, focusing on low force chiropractic techniques, non-invasive laboratory testing, individualized nutritional programs and lifestyle modification to eliminate the causes of subluxations (i.e., trauma, toxicity and thoughts) to help patients regain and keep their health. She returned to LCCW to teach B.E.S.T. in 1997 and was asked to join the Health Center in 1999. She brought her passion in educating her patients on the various layers of what can cause chronic health conditions, and the many holistic methods to stay healthy, to the interns and patients in the Health Center.

Alma Mater: Life Chiropractic College West, graduated June 1997

Private Practice: 23 years in private practice in Pleasant Hill (about 35 miles east of Hayward)

Specialties: Diversified, CPB, Long Term Patient Care

Biography: I am a second-generation Doctor of Chiropractic; both my dad and uncle were chiropractors. I grew up in chiropractic and have lived outside the medical community for most of my life. I have practiced both alone and with groups, and since 2009 I’ve been in the same office with Dr. Mulhall as my practice partner. I specialize in Diversified adjusting, partnering it with Drop, SOT blocks, Activator, and Extremities when needed. I added a hybrid of CBP and Pettibon including both the Arthostim and Denneroll Table for posture correction in 2011. I’m now retired from practice but still see a handful of my patients every week for maintenance. I was quite successful with converting acute patients to long-term care by using functional assessments like the Subluxation Station to steer the conversation from pain to the benefits of improved function, prevention, and adaptation. My greatest joy has become teaching, being able to help my interns achieve success in their adjusting skills, patient communication, and practice management no matter their physical size, strength or background. I believe anyone can adjust almost any patient manually using the proper leverage techniques if they have a desire. My goal is to empower each intern to be confident and competent and bridge the gap between school and private practice.