Financial Aid

Scholarships at Life West

A look at both incoming student & current student scholarship opportunities

Scholarships and You

Scholarships are a great way to minimize your total debt load

– while maximizing the value of your education

Life West offers a number of self-funded scholarships to help lessen the financial burden of earning a doctor of chiropractic degree. Be sure to check out all your options! The criterion varies for each scholarship, with a high percentage only available only to chiropractic students.

In addition to our standard scholarships, we offer a handful of unique tuition credit options for students with unique situations.  Have a brother, sister or spouse enrolled at Life West?  Are you an international student?

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Incoming Student Scholarships

Current Student Scholarships

International Student Credit

Outside Scholarships

The link below is to scholarships in the following categories: Chiropractic, Diversity & Inclusion, International, Veteran, Women and Other. Please explore these, but understand that we are not affiliated with, nor do we have any control over these scholarships. Links are reviewed regularly.

Additional websites that may help in your research on scholarships opportunities: