You will be well-prepared to navigate the leading edge of scientific knowledge as it applies to the human body and the nervous system.


Learn to adjust with unparalleled abilities and competence. More techniques + more experience = more confidence.


Gain abilities to help patients understand why they continue to choose chiropractic and how it helps their families live healthier lives.


The health care world is searching for new leaders with bold vision for an effective way for families to be well and stay well. Life West trains leaders.

Life Chiropractic College West

Creating A Brighter Future for Humanity

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Upcoming Events

  • Champions Weekend

    Champions Weekend

    October 17th & 18th, 2014
    Have you been to visit our campus yet? This quarterly event is the very best way to see what life at Life West is really about. Check out all the available dates and register online at today.

  • Life 101

    Life 101

    October 24th-26th, 2014
    The best way to learn anything is to dig deep and actually DO it. Our students learn about leadership, peak performance and personal growth in this extraordinary three day retreat.

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  • Career Nights

    Career Nights Underway

    Life West will be on the road, meeting future chiropractors all over the world in their home towns. Check the schedule to see if we will be near you at

  • The WAVE 2015

    The WAVE 2015

    The 5th annual WAVE is approaching. The WAVE is an eye-opening event in August where 1,500 of the finest chiropractic professionals gather together to be inspired by amazing speakers. The WAVE combines cutting edge information from within and beyond chiropractic that will inspire, educate, and consolidate concepts that you will want to share with your patients, family, and friends.

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Latest News

2014 Chiropractic Games

25 Life West Students Sent to the Beach 25 Life West students left the Hayward campus on October 31st to head to the 2014 Chiropractic Games in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Life West hasn’t participated since 2001 at the Chiropractic Games, which were start

Tuition Change

This fall Life West announced the annual change in tuition. What is the amount that tuition went up? Zero Percent increase? Zip Additional cost to students? Nada You heard it here first. For the second year in a row, Life West has not increased the c

The Hawk Talk Takes Flight

We are proud to announce that Dr. Jim Hawkins will be taking on a new role at Life West as the Alumni Ambassador. What does this mean? Dr. Hawkins has been a part of the education of every single graduate that Life West has ever produced. This makes

Rugby Visions

We are happy to announce that we are now offering a Women’s Rugby scholarship in 2015. Additionally, our men’s team has moved into Division II for the 2015 season. But the real news is less about the here –and-now and more about the journey we are un