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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Getting Started

The Process of Applying for Financial Aid

We recommend that you start the process of applying for financial aid three to six months prior to the quarter you plan to start.

The Financial Aid Department has created the instructions below to assist you in better understanding the financial aid process and the necessary steps required to complete your financial aid file.

Please note:  The U.S. Government and The Department of Education have been consolidating a number of different FAFSA related websites into the single, studentaid.gov. If you’ve used FAFSA in the past (e.g. for your undergrad), the process is relatively similar. Just know that FAFSA.ed.gov now redirects you to studentaid.gov.

The Financial Aid Application Process:

  1. Start by filing the correct FAFSA form at studentaid.gov (formerly FAFSA.ed.gov).
    • Summer 2023 to Spring 2024, please file the 2023-24 FAFSA
    • Summer 2024 to Spring 2025, please file the 2024-25 FAFSA (available 12/1/23)
  2. Complete the Online Master Promissory Note (subsidized & unsubsidized).
  3. Complete the Online Graduate Loan Entrance Counseling
    We will send you an award letter to accept or decline the federal aid offered. The award letter will include the federal unsubsidized federal loan and if eligible a federal work-study award. If you wish to pursue additional borrowing with the federal credit-based Graduate PLUS loan please contact the financial aid office.
  4. Sign and return your Financial Aid Award Letter to the Financial Aid Office
  5. Apply for scholarships (optional)
    We encourage you to apply for our incoming student scholarship(s). Explore our scholarships here

Additional Resources:

  • An excellent resource with detailed information on student financial aid including loan calculators: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/
  • Another helpful resource is the National Student Loan Data System – a National database of a student’s federal grants and student loans. This provides access to your loan details with the ability to log-in, review dashboard, follow view links, view breakdown and view loan details. Similar to FAFSA, The Dept of Education has been in the process of consolidating these resources into https://studentaid.gov