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Married or Sibling Student Tuition Credit Award

Life West Scholarship for Married Students/Sibling Students Tuition Credit Award

A tuition credit is available to married couples (legal marriage as defined by the state of CA) and to siblings who enroll after or concurrently with the current student. The tuition credit is $500 each quarter provided the *student achieves a cumulative GPA of 3.00, is enrolled full time and is in good standing with all departments on campus. *An entering freshman or transfer student receives the tuition credit without a GPA requirement the first term. Applicants will need to provide either a marriage certificate (married couples) or a birth certificate (siblings must share at least one parent).

A student receiving this tuition credit may take a quarter off and the spouse and/or sibling may still receive the discount; however, if a student withdraws from the program the tuition credit is not in effect for either student.

To receive this award, eligible students need to complete our online application below and provide the appropriate documentation to the financial aid office. Once approved, the student will sign a contract of understanding regarding the conditions of the tuition credit.

If a student does not achieve the required cumulative GPA the tuition credit will not be in effect for the subsequent term. Once a 3.00 cum GPA is achieved the student re-qualifies for the tuition credit.