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What lights you up? With Drs. Joe and Eva Zingone

Drs. Joe and Eva Zingone talk with Drs. Ron and Mary Oberstein about launching their newer practice and framing their chiropractic service by finding their niche.

Why communication is critical to everything we do, with Betsy Butterick

Betsy Butterick, a communications specialist and speaker, is a “coach’s coach” and huge fan of chiropractic. Watch as she talks with Dr. Mary Oberstein about the tenets of great communication and how ...

Live your mission and success will follow, with Dr. Brandon Linatsas

“Chiro kid” Dr. Brandon Linatsas took over his dad’s 30-year practice in New Hampshire after graduating from Life West in 2013. In five years, he’s grown the practice from 900 square feet to 5,000 squ...

Lead with service, and everything else will follow with Dr. Michael Viscarelli

Serve chiropractic, instead of expecting it to serve you, advises vitalistic speaker and Colorado chiropractor Dr. Michael Viscarelli. Strip down the fluff and just share the beauty of the principle, ...

Meet two Life West graduates who have found the balance for success

Drs. Mychal Beebe and Tyler Evans, a married couple in New Hampshire who have leadership positions in the profession, offer a shining example of how teamwork, mentoring and hard work can put you on th...

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