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Service Trips

Supports students traveling to underserved locations around the world (San Francisco Tenderloin, India, Tonga, and eventually China and East Africa) providing supervised chiropractic care to tens of thousands of people who might otherwise suffer needlessly due to lack of chiropractic adjustments. Donations assist students to offset the cost of transportation, lodging, and meals while abroad.

We know that when we share an experience, we learn from each other. Service Trips are about sharing our resources and our experiences with others from a core of service and abundance. It enables Life West students to:

  • Express selfless service and benevolence
  • Gain experience in addressing a unique array of health conditions
  • Learn to communicate the chiropractic message to a new community
  • Expand public awareness and education about chiropractic
  • Learn appreciation for the less fortunate or disenfranchised
  • Bring a free chiropractic clinic experience to the community
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