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Housing Assistance

Housing Options at Life West

Most people think big when they imagine the possible expense of living in the Bay Area. DON’T PANIC! Our students are pleasantly surprised when they find out the many affordable ways they can maximize their loan money and minimize their expenses.

OPTION ONE: Share an amazing house with other students.

Most of our Life West students pool their resources and rent large family homes in the area. These houses provide tons of space, high-end finishes, private bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and even swimming pools and hot tubs as amenities. And all this for as little as $550 per person (private room) per month rent. That is much less than most dorms and campus housing. And far nicer, frankly.

The advantage to this option is that you will not only save money and rent an amazing house, but you can create an amazing household community and work together to help and support each other as you go through school. It is cheaper than campus housing and gives you (as an adult) the options you prefer.

How do you choose this option? Once you are accepted, the admissions office will put you in touch with our Life West Housing Coordinator who will put you on a group mailing list. You will meet possible roommates online and once you know who you want to live with, the Housing Coordinator will assist you with reviewing options for renting local homes.

OPTION TWO: Rent an apartment.

There are a number of apartment buildings near the school that provide affordable options in one and two-bedroom apartments. Typically this option costs a bit more per person than renting a shared house, but for people who do not want to live with others, this is always an option. Often the apartment option has nice amenities included like a community pool. We will put you in touch with our best-ranked options.

OPTION THREE: Rent a house by yourself.

If you require a larger space for yourself because you have a family or other needs, we will do everything we can to help you to make great choices. You would research the options yourself using a finer service online. However, we can steer you to good areas, give you feedback on reasonable rates, and explain the best commute options.

We can help!

Life West can offer advice and some assistance as you look for housing in the Bay Area. Contact Loretta Saunders at (510) 780-4500 ext. 2025 or 1-800-788-4476.

Life West acts only as a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding housing opportunities. The office of Student Life is not responsible for safety, building/living conditions, or other aspects of these housing opportunities, or for the tenant/landlord or roommate relationship. Due to the volume of listings received, we are unable to research the integrity of each person that lists a house, room or apartment with us. Therefore, you are urged to take this responsibility upon yourself.

Other helpful links:

Don’t forget to ask about “Move-In” specials and any discounts that may be offered by apartment complexes.

If you have a house, an apartment or a room for rent that you would like to post with Life West, contact Loretta Saunders via email.

Student Renter’s Guide: bestcolleges.com

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