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Image Release/Waiver

Dear Life West students,

The marketing department is focusing more and more on photography and video across campus tohelp us tell the Life West story. This is an exciting time for Life West as we innovate our curriculumto transform chiropractic education as we know it today.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a film shoot, and a big piece of that is the paperworkrequired to ensure we have all of the photo release permissions in place. To simplify this process sowe are not asking the same people to sign the same form for every shoot, we have created a singlegeneral release form that only needs to be signed once.

For easy-findability and tracking, we have included the release form in orientation and the studentresources online along with other waivers. What this form does is give Life West permission to useyour likeness taken in LCCW camera shoots. Please note that participation in our camera shootsand the signing of this form is optional and not mandatory.

How are these photos and videos used?

We will utilize the captured footage ​to tell the Life West story in channels such as social, pressreleases, Life West Magazine, and advertising. We will always strive to represent faculty, staff, andour students in the best possible light and are happy to collaborate with you to achieve great results.

Thank you for helping us share the Life West advantage.

Dani Lorta
Student Life Manager

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