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Life West Mourns the Loss of Nancy McKillican

This weekend the Life West community lost someone who was a tireless friend, advocate and cheerleader for chiropractic and for Life West.

Nancy Seidler McKillican embodied chiropractic. She learned about chiropractic when she met her husband Eric McKillican, 31 years ago. He was from a chiropractic family and became a chiropractor. Nancy became a chiropractic warrior and advocate.

Nancy and Eric were an incredible team who consistently aligned their lives and life’s work to chiropractic. They worked together in their chiropractic office in Nebraska and then in Sacramento, CA. The McKillicans brought their three daughters, Jessica, Madison and Emily with them to every chiropractic event – and they went to many functions for the profession. The McKillican Family is known to many in chiropractic because they showed up for chiropractic countless times and in many places. Nancy was at the heart of that commitment to service.

Nancy began to officially work for Life West as the Alumni Coordinator in January of 2013. She served as the college’s liaison with the Alumni Board and was responsible for alumni engagement. She flourished in this position and worked tirelessly to reconnect and organize the Life West tribe. Nancy also volunteered at Life 101, The WAVE, and at many special college functions.

Nancy was well known for her exceptional skills at bringing people together. We have all been able to experience the famous McKillican hospitality at the Life West Cal Jam luncheons, numerous alumni events, and the incredible gatherings during the WAVE. The entire McKillican family came together to promote, to decorate, to greet each person with love and make sure they felt included. Nancy taught ua all to do that.

Togetherness was Nancy’s gift to all of us. She included us. She connected us. She loved each of us individually and took the time to know us.

Nancy didn’t only do work to serve alumni and friends of Life West. She also actively volunteered to enrich the lives of students with her involvement and creativity.

Life West’s Jackie Biron describes Nancy’s impact, “Nancy’s commitment to excellence was exhibited in all that she did. It was especially evident as she served on the infamous Life 101 Kitchen Crew with her husband and girls. As Camp Mom, I expected beautiful, organic and great tasting meals. What I didn’t expect was that the love that she put into the planning and food preparation could actually be tasted. One of our students commented, ‘even the water tastes amazing at Life 101!’ Nancy leaves a huge legacy for our Life 101 attendees, that I am so grateful for.”

Nancy had a huge impact at Life West and it the chiropractic profession. She understood the value of chiropractic and worked for the chiropractic principles in all things.

“Nancy personified Lasting Purpose. Her intention and attention was always focused on moving chiropractic forward while staying true to our traditional philosophy and heritage,” explains Life West President, Dr. Ron Oberstein. “Her love for Life West, our students and our community can never be replaced. We’ve lost a great chiropractic champion, and an even greater person. Life West was blessed to have Nancy on our team, and her legacy will leave an indelible impression for years to come. We will miss her dearly.”

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Nancy left us following a battle with cancer. She was at home, with her family and friends in her final months. Nancy is survived by her husband, Eric McKillican and their three daughters, Jessica, Madison, and Emily.

The McKillican family will be holding a memorial party on Sunday, March 18 in the Sacramento area as a celebration of Nancy’s incredible life. All are invited. Event details can be found on Facebook.

Life West is planning a Benefit for the McKillican Family on campus on April 28, 2018.. This will be a special CE day with all Continuing Education monies donated to the McKillicans to offset Nancy’s medical costs. More details will be available shortly.

This weekend, we lost a brilliant heart who showed us how every person can contribute by using their talents and passion for a higher purpose. Nancy Seidler McKillican will be mourned by chiropractors and the chiropractic community around the entire globe. She was a guardian of the sacred trust and she will be sorely missed.

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