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Life West Hosts STEM Career Awareness Day

Over 100 high school students from the Hayward Unified School District filled the Standard Process Assembly Hall for the second annual Hayward STEM Career Awareness Day, hosted by the Institute for STEM Education at California State East Bay.

The Made in Hayward program has worked in conjunction with the Institute for STEM Education at CSUEB and helped students learn about diverse careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – all offered in the city of Hayward.

“The Heart of STEM program gives local students the opportunity to see how dynamic and innovative their community is by seeing behind-the-scenes of local companies and meeting an array of professionals,” said Program Manager of the Institute for STEM Education, Janiene Langford. “Demystifying STEM careers and the people who work in STEM fields helps students see the incredible range of possibility and encourages them to be curious about the world around them.”

Students had the opportunity to tour the Life West campus and the Monte H, Greenawalt Health Center and explore a career in chiropractic.

The majority of the students, like eleventh grader, Micaela, had no idea what chiropractic was and left with an understanding that, “chiropractic helps with overall well-being,” and twelfth grader, Jamaica, who recognized that the “the spine is the foundation of the body.”

Hayward dignitaries, such as, Mayor of Hayward, Barbara Halliday and Superintendent of the HUSD, Matt Wayne, came on campus to acknowledge the students during the STEM expo.

Life West professor, Dr. Monique Andrews and Director of Institutional Research, Dale Johnson, represented Life West during the STEM expo, and a certificate of recognition was awarded to Life West.

The Made in Hayward program and Institute for STEM Education continue to support educational excellence in all Hayward schools and bring the Hayward community together.

Langford exclaimed, “Students could see how many resources Hayward provides, from having a thriving and innovative industrial crescent to the array of educational opportunities in our city, giving them an understanding that Hayward can truly support them from cradle to career!”

To learn more information about the Hayward STEM Career Awareness Day, check out instituteforstemed.com, and follow them on Facebook @institute4STEM.

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