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Student Life

What is Life West looking for in a student?

Prospective students may come from a couple of different places. Some may already be students, working through a program elsewhere, with a desire to serve and make a difference in their communities. H...

Choosing a career in chiropractic

Help someone find a career they’ll love: Point them toward chiropractic!

What do you say to someone who is looking to radically change their path in life, or still searching for that path? If you come from the chiropractic world, you could start with: “Have you thought abo...

Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne
Dr. Paul Reed, DC Ambassador

DC Ambassador Paul Reed on Life West’s mentor program

What made you want to become a DC Ambassador? I believe in supporting like-minded people who are moving our profession forward. It is essential for strengthening who we are and helping us get to where...

Life West Career Night with Dr. Paul Reed

Become a part of the Life West community

Growing the Life West community Life Chiropractic College West is making exciting new changes in the way prospective students are introduced to the Life West community, as well as broadening Life West...

Dr. Scott Rosa

WAVE 20: Dr. Scott Rosa on using good imaging and the craniocervical junction

SPEAKER: Scott Rosa, DC TRACK: Science Dr. Scott Rosa has devoted his life to studying and improving the effects of trauma and misalignment to the upper cervical spine, specifically the craniocervical...

Dr. Ron Oberstein

WAVE 20: Dr. Oberstein talks chiropractic’s history, impact in president’s address

SPEAKER: RON OBERSTEIN, DC SESSION: PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS This year, as Life Chiropractic College West celebrates 125 years of chiropractic at its annual conference, the WAVE, Life West President Ron Ob...

Claudia Anrig WAVE 20
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