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Life West Security Quarterly Update

Life West Security Quarterly Update

Emergency Notifications

Life West relies on the Omnilert emergency notification system to communicate important information in the event of an emergency via SMS text messages and email.  All students are automatically enrolled in the system during their first quarter on campus using the phone number provided at enrollment.  If you change your number, or are not receiving the emergency alerts, please email the Facilities department at mbaldwin@lifewest.edu to update the system.

Campus Security
Call 510-456-6239
After hours call 510-828-0593

Campus security is on duty Monday – Friday from 8am to 11pm and Weekends from 8am to 4pm.  When not on patrol rounds in the building or parking lot, they can be found at the security desk outside of the library entrance.

Please do not hesitate to call security if you see something suspicious, a dangerous condition, or if you simply would like an escort to your car in the parking lot.  Security is here to help you feel safe.

Video Security

Life West is covered by a network of security cameras both inside the building and out.  If you are involved in an incident and you think that helpful footage may have been recorded please file an incident report notating the specific area that should be reviewed, along with as detailed a time frame as possible.  If reporting a parking lot incident, please also report the make, color and specific location of any vehicles involved.

Parking Lot Security

In addition to regular security guard patrols, our parking lots are covered by enhanced security camera systems.  These security trailers are equipped with three cameras that employ thermal imaging technology along with advanced AI algorithms that can detect suspicious activity and notify security 24 hours a day.  Personnel can then log into the system remotely and engage in two way conversations with people in the area, and summon law enforcement if needed.

While providing important deterrence, these systems cannot prevent all car vandalism events.  Please remember to always lock your vehicle and never leave anything visible on your seats.  Someone looking for valuables cannot tell that the bag on your front seat is a lunch bag and not a laptop until after they break a window.

Emergency Events

Life West conducts a regular fire drill early every quarter.  Fire drills are accompanied by an emergency text alert from our Omnilert emergency notification system.  If you find that you do not get an emergency alert text message, please email the Facilities Department at mbaldwin@lifewest.edu to verify your SMS enabled phone number.

In the event of a fire drill, please calmly and quickly exit the building and proceed to the Emergency Assembly Points (notated by a large yellow sign) on the perimeter of the parking lots.  Please do not loiter around the doors of the building, or in any red fire lanes.  This would impede access to the building in the event of an actual emergency.

A quick reference flip book is located in every classroom, and at key locations around campus to give you quick and concise direction in the event of a common emergency.


In the event of an earthquake on campus please shelter under a desk or table if possible.  If not, please crouch against an interior wall and protect your head and neck from falling debris.  Once shaking has stopped, please calmly and quickly exit the building.  Further updates will be communicated out via our Omnilert emergency notification system.

Lockdown Situations

If an emergency event occurs on campus that requires students to lockdown and remain in their classrooms, this will be communicated via our Omnilert emergency notification system.  Classroom doors may be secured from the inside with the “Bearicade” door locking device which hangs on the wall next to every classroom door.  The simple instructions for use are also posted next to each door.  If directed to lockdown please secure the door, close the window shade on each door, and await further instructions from the emergency notification system.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Life West updates its Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan annually. It covers in detail response and preparedness details.  Please regularly review the plan and procedures:

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

First Aid Kits and AED Devices

There are 16 first aid kits at key locations around campus, available for use by anyone who needs them. They are regularly stocked with bandages, gauze and common first aid supplies.  Each kit also has an emergency bleed kit attached to the side.

Life West also has three emergency defibrillator devices located outside of the library, outside of the fitness center and at the Health Center front desk. In the event of an emergency, the units give voice instructions on proper use when activated.

Fire Extinguishers

The Life West campus is equipped with 71 fire extinguishers at key locations around campus.  In the event of a small fire requiring extinguishing, please remove the fire extinguisher from the case and activate by squeezing the lever. Aim the extinguisher hose at the base of the fire.  Please also pull a nearby fire alarm if you discharge a fire extinguisher in the building.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any other questions or concerns about Life West’s security and emergency procedures, please contact Michael Baldwin, Director of Facilities at mbaldwin@lifewest.edu or call/text 510-828-0593.


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