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WAVE 20: ICPA’s Dr. Justin Ohm on perinatal care instruction

SPEAKER: Justin Ohm, DC

Dr. Ohm, executive director of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, will take the stage at the WAVE this August. He spoke with Life West President Ron Oberstein, DC, in a recent edition of the Life West Leadership Line.

About Dr. Ohm: A second-generation chiropractor, Dr. Ohm practices in Pennsylvania and comes from a family of trail-blazers in perinatal and pediatric care. His mother, Dr. Jeanne Ohm, served as the CEO of the ICPA and was also a member of the Life West Board of Regents.

WAVE 20: Dr. Ohm’s presentation will focus on using the salutogenic model to empower expectant mothers. He will discuss current approaches and applications of perinatal history that center around patient-focused care, as well as how to understand and apply current chiropractic research to best practices when examining a patient.

Looking ahead to August: Dr. Ohm is excited to bring his knowledge of perinatal care to the WAVE stage. “A salutogenic approach for examination of expectant mothers is possibly the most underappreciated aspect of perinatal chiropractic care,” he said, adding that his goal is to “build a community of support for the perinatal and family-focused chiropractor within this model of care.”

Register now! Hear from Dr. Ohm and about 20 other leaders in the field of chiropractic at the WAVE 20, Aug. 21-23, 2020. Learn more about what’s happening at the WAVE, how many CE credits participants can earn and more at wave.lifewest.edu.

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