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Life West Certified Green Business

The California Green Business Certification is a government program which collaborates with local agencies to provide expertise, resources, and inspections to help businesses operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

The program focuses on 6 areas and requires compliance benchmarks in each of these areas to achieve the overall certification.

  • General practices
  • Waste production
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water use
  • Pollution
  • Wastewater

The Life West certification project has taken three years and has involved every department on campus. Hundreds of changes, both large and small were needed to achieve certification. This kind of comprehensive change required that both the students and the employees of the college were willing to change their behaviors.

Many people were involved in searching for solutions that are cost effective and practical. In many cases we found that things we had already done, for example energy efficient lighting, had saved us money, reduced energy use and helped us toward certification.

As Life West grows, we are focusing on minimizing resource and energy use. We are determined to continue to finds ways to grow and serve our mission of a brighter future for humanity while being mindful of the need for environmental stewardship and leadership.

Achieving this important certification is a first step for the college on our path to sustainability. We are now part of a network of California

Certified Green Businesses and we plan to reach out and connect with these other like-minded local businesses to make sure that they know we are here. This network of businesses is an exciting addition to our community outreach for our interns and our Health Center.

This project is aimed at more than just the Life West campus. The idea of a cultivating a green standard of business is relevant to any business, including our student’s future chiropractic businesses. We hope that everyone on campus will be inspired to carefully consider if you are willing to take responsibility and action in your workplace to be environmentally sustainable. It is one more way a practice can be a community resource and provide leadership.

The certification project was managed by Kerri Duggins, DC (alumni ‘86) with the help of the students on the Life West President’s Sustainability Council.

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